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Hide and Seek without the hide.

June 16, 2015

Maxine ran through the snow, feeling it crunch under her trainers. Normally she’d have taken time out to say hello to the market-stall owners but she didn’t have time for that. She was on a mission.

The blue skinned girl rushed round a corner, skidding a little as she did so, quickly she regained her balance and carried on. She passed a couple of young children gleefully shooting snowballs out their hands. Ah the things the powers of ice could create, it was a joy to watch, but also quite dangerous to be around, she realised as a snowball hit her in the face.

“Sorry Princess!” One of the children called out.

Ignoring him the princess carried on. Where was that girl? She was gonna kill her when she found her.

She was so deep in thought she didn’t notice the other person until she bumped into him.

“Whoa, whoa watch it Maxine! You almost bowled me over!” Callum Grit. Her best friend since childhood.

“Sorry Cal. Have you seen Savannah?”

“Your sister?”

“No my maid. Of course my sister!”

Callum ran a hand through his silver hair; all people of ice had silver hair, and said awquadly. “I think she’s with Derik…”

Maxine groaned out loud.

“Hey! That’s not very nice!” Callum protested.

“Well sorry, but it’s not my fault your brothers a creep.”

“Well…your sister must be a creep as well considering she’s dating him!” Callum retorted, with a smile on his face that clearly made him think he’d won.

Maxine rolled her eyes. “Well I know that. We’re talking about the girl who pores over fashion magazines and spends ten hours a day in the bathroom putting on make-up here. Of course there’s something wrong with her.”

“Want me to take you to them?”

Maxine paused, considered and then shrugged. “Sure.”

“This way!” The two of them ran through a couple more markets, Callum tripped up and landed head first in a apple pie which made Maxine collapse with laughter. After apologising profusely and scraping the bits of pie of the ground and his face Callum took of again, with Maxine hot on his heels.

She soon recognised where they were going, to the gates of ice which blocked outsiders from entering, or more specifically the Gypsies that lived just beyond the gates, they were not people of ice and were so banned. The gates looked sparkly today, they always were, but they seemed to twinkle like stars today. The literal chain of ice keeping them together with a solid metal lock hung tightly round them, hugging the gates together seemed to be in danger of blinding you.

Just by these gates was the field surrounding there world. That was were Callum was taking her. All the kingdom’s children went down there, usually to play but in Savannahs case it was to meet up with Derik. Maxine disliked that guy.

And sure enough there they were. Her sister wearing that ridiculous pink top with ‘daddy’s little princess’ on, laughing in that overly affectionate way of hers, tossing her whips of hair around so there was no way her boyfriend could miss how it shimmered in the light.

Mum would be horrified, Maxine thought. Truly she would. Her mother was also someone who did not approve of the boyfriend. She thought Savannah was getting to ‘serious’. That she shouldn't have a boyfriend at 17, she should wait, like the queen had. Of course that just made him appeal more to her older sister.

Derik was there as well of course, leather jacket shining and hair glimmering. Of course he gelled it. Creep.


She turned. “What do you want?”

“Mum wants you. It’s tea. Get back home now.” She was actually supposed to be there half an hour ago, needless to say their mother, who was a stickler for punctuality, was not impressed. 

Savannah rolled her eyes, getting up carefully. “Whatever. I don’t care.” Then why are you getting up then? Maxine though, rolling her own eyes.

“Bye Derik.” Savannah gave him a quick peck on the lips before waving and walking off with her sister, who sneakily turned around to give a wave of thanks to Calum who shyly nodded back.



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