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By: Norah

PROMPT: Becoming Human

You are human,
I say to my typewriter.
You too make mistakes. 
You too have scars
and the dust of ages
caked in your inner-workings.

Message to Readers

Constructive criticism welcome!

Peer Review

"dust of ages"
It lends a visual and metaphorical feel to the years the typewriter has sat there, allowing the dust to collect. I felt it to be simple yet poetic, short yet meaningful.

It gives the typewriter a distinct character, while revealing the sentimentality of the speaker. The typewriter is inferred to be aged, yet treasured as it is kept even after acquiring dirt and scars.

Reviewer Comments

I felt this to be a wonderfully abstract yet pertinent representation of what it means to be a human. It is a timely reminder to readers that what is new is not always better than what is old; there is a subtle beauty to old things as well.

My suggestion would be to consider adding more physical description to better aid the visualisation of this particular scene and add character to the typewriter, though the poem has its own merits in this form as well.

I enjoyed this piece and hope to read more from you. All the best in your writing endeavours! :)

- Xin Yi