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Message to Readers

I love paper. I think paper has a lot of potential and character depending on context, which was what I tried to reflect here.

This is mostly a first draft, though it has gone through revisions. I tried to challenge myself with a (an almost) regular structure while paying particular attention to diction and theme. (Has it been effectual? If not, do let me know so I can improve!)

My writing is mostly inspired by random thoughts, real life, and any interesting thing that crosses my path. Thank you for stopping by! Any feedback is greatly appreciated and warmly welcomed. :-)

Paper Dreams

January 21, 2017

PROMPT: Becoming Human

Stiff and starched white.
Skin-hot, thrillingly cool.
This body screams
masculine femininity. 

Commanding space 
while lying there, mostly 
bundles, mounds, stacks
foot-high, metre-tall, towering. 

in its yellowing spots
patience tempers,
inviting dust to flower still.

Missing words gape -
the body shouts itself
hoarse imploring
pictures, poems, plans, anything!

It likes itself
empty, unassuming
yet desiring
revolutions, ambition, war.

Paper dreams but
withers in solitude,
folded away.
Let loose it sprints, catching winds of
sparks, minds, flames, inferno.

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