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The Face of a Cliff

By: CCReed

PROMPT: Becoming Human

 I look up at his menacing figure,
His features I cannot seem to grasp,
Serene, stone-faced,
So calm and yet so fierce,
With one frail hand I reach up,
Digging my fingers into the creases on his forehead,
And the wrinkles in his cheeks,
That come with old age.
Yet he stands still,
As I grope with the other hand,
Climbing up,
Ever higher,
Feeling his rough skin beneath the palm of my hand,
And his furrowed brow holding my unsteady feet.
I marvel at his stubbornness,
That he refuses to move,
Even as the winds howl and beat upon him,
And the eagles swoop up above.
With one more reach of my hand,
I feel the peak of his balding head,
The scarcity of shrubs coming into my vision,
As I tumble over onto his scalp.
And I understand now,
Why he remains unmoving,
With this never ending landscape before me,
For who would want to leave this view?

Peer Review

The last line! The poem build an amazing mystery, trying to figure out the cliff's stubbornness, and the climax (For who would want to leave this view?) is so simple yet so satisfying!

I like how the writer has described the face of a cliff like that of an old man, and also compared his own weaknesses with some subtlety. Words like 'serene', 'fierce', wrinkles', are amazing descriptions!

Reviewer Comments

The poem is fun to read! The writer creates a mysterious aspect, but ends it on such a simple note, which makes an 'Ahh!' effect. Thank you for writing this!