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Experimenting with sonnets; trying to bring across the idea of intention versus the reality of the outcome.

My writing is mostly inspired by random thoughts, real life, and interesting things that cross my path. Thank you for stopping by! Any feedback is greatly appreciated and warmly welcomed.

how i see you

February 4, 2017


in a space of breath, the times I see you
(it's eyes-dancing ears-warming tongue-twisting)
if only you knew, as I'd never say
what hides behind every beat of this heart

the face you see is not me, not truly...
you'd perhaps think twice, if behind kindness
are secrets knitted into nervous palms,
countless confessions buried in writing

made from mindless thoughts and drifting first drafts,
they have nowhere to go, awashed on shore
is it perhaps too soon for me? you inch
close as if you knew, closer creeping still.

I know you will do right, I'm not afraid.
I would tell you, but I shouldn't want to.


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