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United Arab Emirates

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One colour, many personalities!

July 17, 2017

PROMPT: Unnamed

Strong, deep, colours your cheeks. It meets you at times of utter pain, depicts the loss of life, exits your body as a result of harsh weapons that tear you down. Colours the most well known of flowers and is forced onto every inch of the place on Feb. 14th. It depicts the feeling of love and splatters to depict death..and what it truly resembles lies beyond a textbook but also colours the key to the human soul.

This colour is a colour that is raw and simple, straightforward you could say, a straight to many other great colours, yet it cannot be broken down any further. A dress made of it entirely could be known as bold but whether it associates with night or day is something I shall never fathom. 

Movies and TV stars, people we admire, all walk down this carpet and many of those struggling, wish they could one day walk down the same narrow road.



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1 Comment
  • ARS7

    Neat! I like how you hint at the color but don't directly mention it. :)
    Keep up the good work! God bless!

    9 months ago