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The Scribe

By: synecdoche

PROMPT: Why I Write

I write because I'm a scathing, egotistical, perfectionistic cloud of dust that wants to make everything in its path dirty.

I write becuase it gives me a sense of control over something. It allows me to do what I want, when I want, with whoever, whenever—it gives me power. Power, and authorityBecause those are things I lack in the real world.

I write, because I have a mind filled to the brim with pictures and stories and information that I want nothing more than to share; and I lack the talent to share it in any other way than with words.

I write because I was chosen to write. I wasn't given the option, or asked if it's what I wanted to do—I was thrust into this world with nothing but my body and my ability to manipulate words in my favor. 

It's just how it is. 

Peer Review

"It's just how it is. "
By ending with this one sentence the writer is able to effectively convey her steadfast, unwavering belief in her own writing abilities, that paints the tone of a confident writer.

"I write because it gives me a sense of control over something."

Too often, in life, we cannot choose our circumstances or our family, but what we can choose is how we want to express ourselves to the world. Sometimes, that is enough reason to write.

Reviewer Comments

This is a piece that pulses with confidence and ownership in being a writer. It is a very different read for me, certainly, as a writer who sometimes question my own writing ability.
This piece not only serves to show readers the confidence cemented in your writing abilities, but also compel budding writers out there who may feel that sometimes they are not enough that you are, if you believe.

I feel that this piece has the potential to resonate with a more pointed title, although it is fine as it stands. Commendable effort and I look forward to reading more of your pieces on WTW!

Thank you for sharing this piece of writing. :-)