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Hi! My name is Katie. I am a sixteen years old, and I really enjoy reading and writing. When I'm not daydreaming or playing my violin, you can find me sketching, baking, wake boarding, swimming or skiing.

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Hi! I love reading and writing, and I can't wait to keep improving my creative writing skills! In my free time, I like to play the violin, cook, ski, wakeboard, swim, and do art projects.

Journey to Somewhere Cast

January 14, 2017

Setting: Rural Indiana, 1980

Journey to Somewhere is my take on the psychological effects of loss, and how they change your life. Despite their poverty and weaknesses, the Field family was always happy. But ever since the death, it seems like they are slowly falling apart. Follow this dysfunctional group as they search for happiness, forgiveness, and success. Or will their secrets kill them first?

David Field (38)- Born and raised on a prosperous Vermont estate. He got into alcohol and drugs in high school, and constantly received low marks due to repeated nights of partying. His parent's money got him into Yale, but he dropped after only a year. His parents, displeased to see their son return home as an addict without a job, disowned him as to not tarnish their social standing. David soon blew all of his inherited money on expensive drugs, and soon found himself living in Salt Lake City, working at a gas station to satisfy his raging addiction and living in a trailer. One day while working at the gas station, he sold a woman named Emma cigarettes. They got married six months later, just before the someone tipped off the feds about the kitchen secret, and the newlyweds were forced to flee. With dark hair, booming voice and a charming smile, he is quite the people pleaser. Maybe a bit too much so.

Emma Rucker Field (35)- This artistic ukulele girl was raised in the suburbs of Texas, but moved to rural mountains of Utah when it was discovered that her parents owed thousands of dollars in taxes. She left home after high school, not wanting anything to do with her parent's legal problems. She began living out of the back of her car, while selling her art on the street during the day. She met her future husband David at a gas station one day while buying her daily pack of cigarettes, and immediately fell in love with is optimistic and carefree attitude. With him, it seemed like her life might finally turn around for the better. That was before the death.

Amy Field (16)- Born in 1964, and raised in a trailer park in Indiana. Became the mother figure at age 13, after the death of Katherine. With frizzy, dirty blonde hair and a beaklike nose, and wide hazel eyes, David nicknamed her "little owl" at a young age. Ever since the death, she has known that the time for her big move is approaching.

Jenny Field (10)- Twin of Madeline Field. Quite shy, and an avid reader. Enjoys art, like her mother.

Madeline Field (10)- Twin of Jenny Field. A mirror image of Amy. Watches her younger brother and sister when Amy is out working. 

Jason Field (7)- He has his dad's dark hair, with his mom's blue eyes. Often gets chased by girls at recess. His obsession with cars seems almost unhealthy to his siblings.

Rae Field (4)- With wide blue eyes and wispy blonde hair, her siblings nicknamed her "angel". She is quite the opposite, however, as she is notorious for running headfirst into dangerous situations.

Katherine Field (deceased)- "The death". Died in a miscarriage in 1977. The source of her mother's never ending mourning.


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