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Hi! My name is Katie. I am a sixteen years old, and I really enjoy reading and writing. When I'm not daydreaming or playing my violin, you can find me sketching, baking, wake boarding, swimming or skiing.

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Journey to Somewhere

January 14, 2017


We open on an expansive moonlight field. Not a sound is heard but the whispering rustle of grass in the light summer winds. The camera pans onto the wide, dark sky. Thousands of stars shine brightly above, only overshadowed by the full moon hovering above the distant silhouette of trees.

There's a sudden disturbance in the steady rustling of the grass. We cut to a figure crashing through the field. They turn briefly, and the we zoom onto the face of AMY FIELD (16), sweating and panting. There is evident fear in her eyes, and it is only a second before she turns again flees further. 

We stay at her back, hearing only her frantic breaths and whimpers. Suddenly, she stumbles, and crumples to the ground.


For several moments only heavy breathing can be heard as we pan out, capturing a bird's eye view of the scene. Amy lies nestled in the grass, curled up in a fetal position and illuminated by moonlight. Slowly, as if in pain, she turns to the sky.



The light from a single exposed bulb illuminates a moth eaten couch covered in unfolded clothes. JENNY FIELD (10) sits on the mound of clothes, staring at the wall, eyes wide with fear. Suddenly, a door slams and DAVID FIELD (43) storms into the room, shaking with rage.

                                                    I told you to stay out of there!

                                                    I didn't mean it daddy! I'm sor-        

DAVID reaches out and slaps JENNY across the face. When he removes his hand, there is an ugly red handprint across her pale cheek.

                                                                        JENNY (CONT)
                                            Daddy, please! I just wanted a snack! Please!

Another loud crack echoes throughout the room, as DAVID hits JENNY yet again.

                    Now listen to me! How many times can I tell you? STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN!

JENNY cowers under DAVID's harsh gaze. He reaches out and yanks on her arm, twisting it. JENNY whimpers in pain.

                                                                        DAVID (CONT)
                            LOOK AT ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU, YOU WORTHLESS BRAT!

DAVID reaches up to strike again, but pauses and turns when AMY rushes in through the door.

                                                                    Dad, NO!

DAVID, ignoring AMY's plea, faces JENNY and slaps her cheek for the third time, then shoves her to the ground. AMY, filled with anger, lunges at DAVID, pushing him over. 

                                                                        AMY (CONT)
                                    What is your PROBLEM, dad? Just let her go!

                        Don't you dare tell ME what to do! You listen to ME!

DAVID reaches up and punches AMY in the eye. Tears well up in AMY's eyes as she gives DAVID a look of utmost hurt, then she turns and runs out the door.



With a shaky breath, AMY sits up. We pan in on her face, where a purple bruise on her left eye contrasts against her wavy blonde hair, now matted with dirt. She takes a moment to regain her composure, then cautiously gets up on her feet, as if she is unsure of her own footing. Slowly, she stumbles towards the distant forest. 


The light is darker here, and we can only just see the outline of AMY's figure as she reaches out to the trunk of an oak. The camera pans in on her hand as she reaches into a seemingly ordinary hollow in the trunk. AMY hastily pulls out a black lock box, and scrambles to complete the combination. She gives a sigh of relief when it is opened to reveal a wad of bills. She begins to count.

                                                                        AMY (V.O)
I got my first job when I was twelve. Just babysitting the other kids in our little community of trailers. We were all broke, and we still are, but at least it was something. After all, the parents needed someone to look after their kids while they tried to crawl out of the grave of poverty that they had lowered themselves into. My parents, on the other hand, never did anything of that sort. They sat around, either drunk, high, crying, or all three at once. So I shouldn't have been surprised when dad demanded my work money for himself. Ever since that first payday, I've been secretly storing a small sliver of my                                         profits. I've known all along that I would need it someday.

A scream pierces the still night air, and AMY's neck snaps around to face the field. She shoves the money back in the box, snaps the lid closed, and takes off sprinting in the direction of the sound.


AMY arrives at the grimy front door, panting and shaking from exertion. She grabs a stick from the ground, and with it held out in front of her like a sword, she swings the door open.

DAVID is lying facedown on the linoleum floor, finally passed out from the alcohol. JENNY sits huddled in a corner, crying. AMY rushes over to JENNY, and wraps her in a hug.

                    Listen to me, Jen. We're gonna be okay. Now do exactly as I say!

JENNY looks up at AMY with terror-filled eyes. 

Go wake up the others, and put on as many layers of clothing as possible. Then QUIETLY run to the truck, without mom                                                         knowing. Now, GO!

Understanding AMY's plan instantly, JENNY rushes out of the room.


JENNY lightly shoves MADELINE FIELD (10) and JASON FIELD (7) into the backseat of the truck, then hands over RAE FIELD (4) to MADELINE. AMY runs out the door, throws an armload of stuff into the truck bed, then hops into the drivers seat. She shoves the key into the ignition, backs out of the driveway, and speeds down the dirt road.

                                                        Where are we going?

The camera pans in on AMY's grim face, focused intently on the road.

                                                                We'll see. 


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