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Albany and Legomania

June 12, 2015

Today when I woke up, the World felt different; as if something has changed. Although something has happened, I could not quite put my finger on it. I woke up, got out of my sleeping den and went downstairs. As soon as I went downstairs, I knew that my insticnts were right. My parents were teeny tiny lego figurines. I didn't know this sooner as I did not have time to look in a mirror. I suddenly ran with my short stubbly legs upstairs and looked in my bathroom mirror, hoping that it was my parent's dress up party that they were talking about last night. However, it wasn't the party. It was true. Knowing this haunted me. Well... this is because when I was younger, my mother bought me a lego set, and the figurine always used to creep me out until one day, I threw the figurine away (no-one has to know that I only threw it out a couple of weeks ago). Wait... today is Monday which means that I have got school and my worst teacher EVER! Her name (do I dare say it) is MRS BUCHANAN. What's even worse is that she is my form tutor so I have to see her EVERYDAY. Just because her name is in the one and only The Great Gatsby doesn't mean that she has to show off about it ALL THE TIME. Anyway, the time on my alarm clock read 08:00. I better go to school otherwise I will be late for the 4th time this month which means an 1 hour detention after school. 

When I made my grand entrance into the Chicago high school, I realised that I wasn't the only one; I wasn't the only figurine. Everyone and I mean everyone was made out of lego. When I walked, I could hear my little plastic feet clanking and bashing against the 'floor'. Because I was so late for school, the bell went and I did not have a chance to see any of my friends. As soon as I walked into my registration class, I instantly saw that Mrs Buchanan was an ugly lego figurine. Her eyes were made to look like it had some sort of a disease. Her lips were fat and puffy. And worst of all, her voice was even more annoying. I prayed and prayed that the 15 minuted remaining until 9:00 O'clock would go faster. I heard everyone talk about their weekend and what they did. For me, I went to the little Lego friends town and visited my friends. BRIIIIIIIING1 Thank God, the bell. I won't have to see Mrs Buchanan for another whole 24 hours! 

My first lesson of the day was maths with my favourite teacher, Miss Maxine. She was the most AWESOMEST teacher in the World. She never ever tells us off and she is so open minded about things. Just what every students needs. Today in maths, we were learning about how to work out the area of a compound shape. Even though I am in top set for maths and the other core subjects, I am not that good at maths. I can bearly work out the area of a normal shape. Anyway, we had to get in to teams of 5 and then work out the area of ourselves. I was the only one laughing when Miss Maxine said this because I laugh at literally everything. I got in teams with; myself, Chloe, Lauren, Amy and Nikki. As a team we had to get some pieces of A3 blank pages (yes we are that small) and we had to work out the area. We drew trhe outline of Laurena nd then we worked out her outline area. 

"Hey, Albany, why don't we do you next?" Amy asked me.

I never liked this idea from the start and now I have to do it. I know that I am fat and I know that when they see my outline area, that they will laugh. Without saying anything, I lay down on the piece of paper and they drew my outline. I waited and waited for them to tell me my outline area. It felt like forever.

"Hey, Albany, your outline area was pretty unusual", cried Chloe. 

I knew it. I knew that they were all going to laugh at me at me and point at me right in my face with their perfect skinny bodies.

"What's so unusual about it?" I asked as if I didn't know already.

"This area came up with a total of 80cm squared. That's really really skinny"

What this must be wrong. Me and skinny are an oxymoron. We never go together at all. Without warning, the bell for second period rang. 

Second period is one of my favourite lessons of the day. This is because we have Project 2 with Mrs Kelly. In year 8, we can have the cpre subjects for 15 hours a week. For the remaining hours, we have Projects that can have history and art and R.E. In Mrs Kelly project, we have to sing in the recording studio and make a little demo track for us to keep. Today we had to listen to the new song from Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, See you again. As a class, we had to learn the lines and then sing them to the whole year at the end of term assembly. I hate to boast but I am a pretty good singer! We get to choose to sing in groups or to sing a solo. Mrs Kelly said that because I was the best singer in the class, that I should get the solo. Within seconds, I said yes and I started practicing. I had to sing the raps and some of the chorus. The expression 'time flies when your having fun' can be used here because, I swear it was a couple of minutes since I walked in the classroom, the bell went for the third time today.

I got the rest of the day off as it was snowing heavily. In May! I mean, I thought that Britain had messed up weather. May is suppossed to be spring, not winter. Anyway, on my way abck from music to the entrance I found a secret door in the Janitor's closet. No-one was watching me, so I went in the mysterious door. When I opened it, I found a big, muscly lego figurine in the corner of the abandoned room. I slowly tip-toed to the strange man when he suddenly turned on a light. He looked at me as if he was going to kill me. I wanted to turn back but my legs said no.

"They call me the 'Iron Trickster'" he said with a grim smile on his face.  



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