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Angelyn Resler

My List of Things I Wish Were and Weren't True

May 15, 2014



First, I'll start with things that I wish weren't true. I wish that the four years of high school didn't decide what you can do with the rest of your life. I wish that bad things only happen to bad people and good things only happen to good ones. I wish that people would realize that you can be a great person and do great things without religion. Now for some things that I wish were true. I wish that people would always be open minded and understanding to things or people in the world that aren't just like them. I wish that everyone would realize how great reading a good book is. I wish that more people took the time to hand-write letters. I wish that traveling wasn't so expensive. I wish that rape culture in America was the opposite of what it currently is. I wish that we could have one period every school day set aside for reading. I wish that winter was shorter. I wish that on rainy days I could sleep in until whenever I wanted.


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