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Half of being a good writer is grammar, and the other half is a healthy mix of patience and insanity. Welcome to my collection of thoughts, the product of sitting in a cozy blanket typing while rain pours outside. Not really, but I wish it was.

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15 years old, writer of fiction and fantasy and anything mildly imaginative. I love the galaxy (a bit too much) and big questions that make you think and small things that don't usually stand out, and writing is about them is a passion of mine.
Outside of writing, I'm an artist in both traditional and digital mediums.


June 6, 2015

PROMPT: Fernweh


Som•ni•curre (sɒm•nɪ•kur), n.  The rare occasion of a dream or daydream coming true in reality.

Ex. She walked away from the swaying trees, realizing she had experienced somnicurre. 


Derived from latin roots, somnicurre is made up of two parts. Somni means "dream," and curr means "run, course." When combined, it would translate to something along the lines of "The process of a dream running its course." It may be used with simular context to Déjà vu.


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