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A Shiny Little Acorn

January 11, 2017


Sammi’s little hand was clasped firmly in her mother’s. Her fingers tingled from the excitement that her little body resonated. Her shoes clipped the silent hospital air as she skipped sloppily alongside her mother.  
With a bit of scrambling, Sammi heaved her body up onto the chair, and, to her slight surprise, her mother sat next to her. Moments of silence passed through the empty building, until her mother spoke;
“Sammi, I’m going to stay a little longer today. Daddy’s going to pick you up when he gets off work, okay? Just stay here so he’ll know where to find you, alright?”
Sammi nodded. “Okay, mommy.”
A creaking door sounded. Gentle lips caressed Sammi’s forehead as her mother waved farewell. The man in the long, white coat was there, guiding her to the third room on the left. As usual.
But not as usual, Sammi didn’t hop out of the chair and run to her room. Instead, she sat waiting.
That was when she noticed a boy. He was sitting along the wall of chairs as she was, but the farthest side away from her. His blue eyes sparkled as they met hers, a silent greeting passing between them. He smiled with thin lips and bunches of skin that overlapped beside the corner of his eyes. The boy was older than she was, perhaps in his later teenage years.
Sammi smiled and hopped out of her chair. Her small feet guided her to where the boy sat, then stopped.
“Hey there.” His voice of warm and inviting, a little squeaky with his vowels.
“My name’s Sammi.” Her lips parted as the words flowed out.
“That’s the prettiest name I have ever heard!” A smile flashed on his face. “My name is Carson-Carson Stanley.”
A little giggle trespassed through her lips. “Why do you have two names?”
“I-” a perplexed look flashed in his eyes, “I don’t know.” He seemed to drift for a moment until a quiet shudder awoke him again. “Don’t you have two? Names, I mean.”
Sammi thought for a moment. “No. No, I don’t think so.”
He laughed softly, his grin spreading further across his face.
“Well then, Sammi,” he paused, “what do you think about us being friends?”
And with one swift movement his hand was in front of her, asking a question she didn’t quite yet understand. Her tiny fingers wrapped around his larger ones, then tugged. A smile playing giddily at her mouth, she yanked again. With a curious glint dancing across his irises, Carson stood and let the little girl guide him to wherever she was going.
When they reached the door Sammi stopped and turned to her new playmate. Then she smiled.
“Do you want to see my playroom?”
The interior seemed to dance as Carson walked into the room. The floor seemed to glitter, the walls seemed to shine. The bed looked nicer, and the window didn’t look quite as fogged-up with dust. The whole room seemed to leap and give a big smile. Sammi grinned, awed by the sheer brilliance of the now even more beautiful room. Her fingers still laced through his she dragged him over to the wall to show him her toys.
“Ah-ha! So you’ve discovered the superb dust?”
Sammi nodded giddily, excited to finally have someone who she could share this with. She grabbed Carson’s hand once more, pulling him to the window. At arrival, Sammi looked about, checking for any ninjas that might be listening.
“Can you keep a secret?”
Excitement dashed across his eyes. “My new friend, if I couldn’t keep a secret then my name wouldn’t be Carson Stanley.”
Sammi smiled, glad that she could trust him. She leaned forward, her eyes darting around once again. Then she whispered, “A fairy came to play last time I was here. But she couldn’t fit through the window because her pink wings were too big, so she gave me a present instead.” She reached in her pants pocket and retrieved the shiny armored acorn. It glittered like Carson’s eyes.
“A fairy gave you this? You must be favored of her realm, then, to have received such a beautiful gift.”
She giggled again, imagining herself as a fairy princess adorned with a golden flower tiara twined with sapling twigs and bright green leaves. Then her eyes glimmered, an idea’s flame crackling.
With her free hand, she grabbed Carson’s and outstretched his palm. Then she dropped the acorn into his hand and closed his fingers around it.
“Now it’s your present.”
His face lit up, a smile twinkling in his eyes. He stood gracefully and bowed. “Thank you, princess. I will forever keep it close to my heart.” He stood and smiled gleefully, then carefully put the acorn in his shirt pocket.
“Now, shall we continue our adventure?”
Carson held out his hand. She gave a brief nod and took his hand, thrill seeping through her bone marrow to her veins— she would get to be a real adventurer today.


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