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Going Nowhere

January 11, 2017



The outline of a burly figure riding on a motorcycle comes into view. SHOUTS are heard from behind an alleyway. A group of boys are circled around a figure wearing a leather jacket in the middle, all holding knives.

RIX (23), standing in the middle, puts his hands up defensively.

RIX: Okay, you guys don't understand. I'm not the guy you're looking for. Just let me get home.

BOY 1 (sneering): Yeah right. Where were you yesterday?

RIX (honestly): Running someone else's errands. I have no clue what you guys are talking about.

BOY 2 (stepping in closer): You were supposed to be here.

RIX (exasperated): I'm not him! I don't even know what you're talking about!

A motorcycle is heard driving down the road.

BOY 1: You will soon enough.

RIX is pushed out onto the street, falling onto the asphalt. The motorcycle SCREECHES to a stop. A burly figure stands up.

JACK (THE SKULL) ROBERTS (34): What you boys doin' here?

BOY 2 (stammers): We... we ain't doin' nothin', sir.

JACK: Then put those knives away. You're gonna hurt somebody.

JACK holds his hand out to RIX, pulling him up from the asphalt.

JACK: Why are they messing with you?

RIX (in relief): They thought I was someone else! But I'm not!

JACK turns to the group of boys, popping his knuckles.

JACK: He ain't the one you're looking for. Get on out of here. 

The boys pause.

JACK: Get on! Get!

The boys run away, vanishing into the darkness. JACK shakes RIX's hand.

RIX: Thank you so much! Who are you?

JACK: The name's Jack. Everybody calls me The Skull. If you ever need anything, you call me. 
JACK hands him a piece of paper with his number on it.

JACK (cont.): And what are you known by?

RIX: Rix. Rix Kensworth.

JACK: Let me give you a ride home.
CAMERA PANS OUT on two figures on a motorcycle, disappearing down the street.






RIX has been sleeping on a small cot. He lays in bed with the blankets tangled and the clothes he had on from the day before. An alarm goes off.

RIX groans.

RIX (loudly): Noooo.....

RIX slaps his hand against the alarm clock, knocking it to the floor, still beeping. He impatiently throws the sheets off of himself and leans over to pick it up and turn it off.

A KNOCK sounds at the door.

RIX: Who is it?

RIX wipes his mouth against his sleeve. A VOICE calls from the other side of the door.

VOICE: I made you breakfast! It's still warm!

RIX (mutters): Not again.

MEGAN (38) opens the door and walks in, carrying a tray of steaming, unappetizing eggs from the hotel breakfast nook.

RIX gives her a wan smile

RIX: Thank you, Megan.

MEGAN: You're very welcome, Rix!

MEGAN ruffles RIX's dark black hair.

MEGAN: Now don't be late getting on up!

MEGAN leaves the room. RIX stares at the plate of eggs and then throws them away in a trashcan by his cot. RIX gets up and walks out the door.



MEGAN: Faith, could you do me a favor?

FAITH (17) stumbles in, tripping over an untied shoelace.

FAITH: Yes, mother?

MEGAN: I can't find my lunch. I must've left it at home. Would you please go fetch it for me? 

MEGAN hands FAITH the keys to the car. FAITH hurries out the door, bumping into RIX.

RIX: Well, good morning.

FAITH (blushing): Morning Rix.

FAITH sidesteps past RIX, still blushing. RIX walks into lobby.

MEGAN: How was breakfast?

RIX looks down at his empty stomach, pulling out his phone.

RIX: Delightful.

CAMERA ZOOM onto RIX's cell phone screen.

Send to: ANDREA

Would you like to go out to lunch with me?

RIX puts his phone back in his pocket.

Phone Vibrates.

1 New Test Message: ANDREA

Sure. 11:30?

RIX replies:

Works for me.

MEGAN and RIX look up as MITCH (20) walks into lobby.

RIX: Mitch! How are we doing today, buddy?

MITCH rubs his hand through his hair: I'm kinda in a situation.

MEGAN: How can we help you, sweetie.

MITCH sighs: My parents are coming in tomorrow and I don't have a place for them to stay. 

RIX laughs.

MEGAN: I'll book a room for them.

MITCH: Thanks. 

RIX: What is this, the sixth time?

MITCH waves his hands in the air: They never tell me when they're coming!

MEGAN hands MITCH a mint from a bowl sitting at the desk. MITCH takes it.

MITCH: Thanks for the help, guys. See ya!

CAMERA follows MITCH out the door and onto the street. MITCH looks around suspiciously, then turns off into a side alley. Leaning up against a wall, MITCH pulls out his cell phone and dials a number. Phone rings.

MITCH: Hello?

VOICE (from the phone): Hello, Mr. Cain. Did you get everything in order?

MITCH (slightly hesitant): Yes, of course.

VOICE: That didn't sound very positive.

MITCH: I promise, I've got everything under control.

VOICE: That's what you said last time.

MITCH winces: Yes, I know that's what I said last time. But this time I'm sure.

VOICE: You'd better be right. Nothing, (adding emphasis) and I mean NOTHING, can go wrong this time.

The voice on the other end hangs up. MITCH stares at the screen in surprise, then puts the phone back into his pocket.

MITCH (as if to finish the conversation): Yes, sir.




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