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The Real Tale

June 6, 2015

     The day I watched my first Disney movie was the day I lost all my faith in humanity. Yes, the part where the stepsisters cut off their own feet is nasty, but it actually happened. Ariel dying and turning into sea foam is sad, but it was real. Our stories are harsh, but that doesn't mean that people can just cut out whatever they feel like and call it truth. You also can't just take someones life and say that it's fiction so you change it around.

     But it doesn't really matter how much humans mix up our stories because it never changes us. You can tell as many humans as you want that Cinderella's Stepmother saw the errors of her ways, but I see her every day, and she most defiantly has not. She still stomps down the streets with her daughters hobbling along behind her every day, all of them fuming with anger. 

       I live in a world that the humans can't see. It's parallel to their world, just on the brink of them being able to see us. They probably could if they looked hard enough, but they barely ever do, so we just watch them hurry right past us. Our worlds have collided a couple times though. The few people who look hard enough to see us write about us, and the humans who are always looking for something different, some way to escape from their world, grab hold of those stories and read them over and over and change them around, looking for some way that we could be real. If only they could take the stories as they were told to them, maybe then they could see us. We can always see them because we take things as they are and don't try to change them. When someone told us the story of Helen Keller for example, we didn't try to change it around and make some sort of magic give her sight and hearing back so she could tell us where she was, we knew that she couldn't find us so we went to go find her. And because we looked for the person she actually was and not the person we wanted her to be, we found her. 

     But people do occasionally see us. They're the lonely people, the hurting people, who are looking for anything that can take them away from their world. And so they look for anything and find us. Whenever one of these people find us we do our best to help them to be happy again. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but we'll never stop trying. Even the most evil people on our world come to help because as much as we don't trust the race that has tried to change us, if we can help anyone we will.

     I personally told Jacob Grimm my story. He took it and wrote it down, and I will be forever remembered by the humans as The Pied Piper of Hamilton. Humans will tell you that I was just trying to save those children, that I really was a good person, but don't listen. How could I have thought what I did was right? I am not misunderstood, I am a villain. I don't need humans to make excuses for me, and even more, I don't want them to. I did what I did, and I will freely admit it.

     Next time you read a fairy tale, know that what you're reading is a true story, and that you can  always find us if you just look. We will be waiting for you.


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