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This is my first piece that I have submitted on this website, is this what they are looking for in this prompt?

The Inventory of a Prisoner

June 6, 2015

PROMPT: Inventory


Name: The Reader (that is his name, as he has forgotten the one his mother gave him)

Age: (He has no age, he does not no how long he has been trapped on the Island)

Location: The Island, Sea of Dreams (fictional)

He will live for eternity on a rock. Somewhere far from here. He looks for grey hairs, and envies those who do not fall into his trap. Inside his weather-worn satchel is this:

1. A book with no jacket, scrawling script pooling around the edges of text

2. A small snippet of rosemary, kept in a green glass bottle with a label in the same script stating: "for remembering"

3. A botanical illustration of an oak tree, most likely torn out of a book

4. A bird's egg, carved out of wood and dyed a light blue

5. A hand drawn map of the Island, marking places to avoid and places to hide, scribbles and notes seem to encrust the page

6. A thick, rusted magnifying glass

7. An enormous dictionary filled with words that have no definition, they seem to whisper like the wind in the trees or the wild waves crashing down on the shore

8. Another book, this one seems to be a childrens' fairy tale, it has been kept in pristine condition

9. A packet of crumpled brown paper with a few grains of colorful sand enclosed within it

10. A blue bottle, clogged with a viscous white liquid which is labeled: "for forgetting"


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