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Some romanticism, some idealism thrust together, and viola!

My teacher once said I like to build castles in the sky.

Darling, it's the small things

January 10, 2017

"Happy anniversary." He thrusts her a picture: silhouettes and jellyfishes against International Klein Blue.
She pouts, tilting it in her small hands. "Your present is a photo?" 
"Don't you remember when this was?"
"Our first high school excursion together! It was to the aquarium."
"The aquarium?" She echoes dubiously.
"It was the moment when I fell in love with you."
"In an aquarium." She stated dryly.
"Yes. You cried for the jellyfishes."
She bursts out chortling.
"Is that what you remember? Not you asking me out?"
"Yeah, I remember the small things that reminds me why I love you."


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