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January 8, 2017


    “C’mon Li not now. Not now.” He wrapped his fingers around her upper arm and started walking.
    “Not now?” Her voice was loud and overpowering, he wasn’t getting any word in whether or not this fight happened. “You think you get a say in this?”
    Her face looked as though someone had crushed the last piece of a pushover she had left in her and her voice was just as confused as it was disgusted. She pulled her arm out of his fingers and stepped back. Her voice got quieter and leaned in with so little room between the two of them that they could’ve kissed, had she not wanted to break him in half. “You think you get a fucking say in this?”    
    “Lilah,” His voice sounded like it’d been caught on a fishing hook.“Li... Lilah come on! Come on- please don’t, please no.”
She shook her head in pity at him. Through gritted teeth and a soured purse, she asked him with more courage than she’d had in almost 7 years. “What in God’s name do you have to say for yourself?”
    “I’m sorry. I.. I didn’t know. I didn’t think. I didn’t think I’d be a part of it..I..” He ran out of words as the trail of his thought spiraled into scraps and was left with nothing but his eyes wandering the floor.
    “You didn’t know?” She bit her bleeding lip and tilted her head with staccato nods. “You didn’t know that…. That?” She cut herself off before screaming. “Bullshit.” She looked him in the eyes. “Bullshit that you didn’t know.”
    “I didn’t want to hurt you!”
    “You think that’s a reason?” She turned to walk out and once she was halfway out the door she heard a crumbled cry.
    “I think that I love you.” He said. She pushed her elbow against the door to prop it open, looked him dead in the eye and took a deep breath before letting the door slam behind her, leaving nothing but emptiness in the air.
    “And you thought that was enough?”


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