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Kat Sparks

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An almost-adult from snow and sun country. Doesn't feel like growing up anytime soon or staying the same age forever, though.

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Insanity is just another word for 'eccentric genius'. A saying that I live by which lets me write as much in whatever genre I want however I want to.


August 20, 2015

A girl was crouched down on a small walkway in the city of Bath, United Kingdom, trying to breathe. Her eyes were shut tight and her red hair hung in lank strands around her face as she tried to regain her composure. She had not expected such a strong, cloying feeling of dark, violent death that the streets of this seemingly abandoned city held in itself. The sheer amount of it had nearly bowled her over when she tried to connect herself with the natural ley line going through the city.

Blood had caked these streets time and time again. It had started back before there was even a city of Bath, only the bathhouse of Aquae Sulis. Whether by battle, by quarrel, even by accident, blood was shed and steeped into the uneven cobblestones beneath her feet. With all that blood, it was the perfect place for something unnatural to come out.

Something unnatural, supernatural even. Something not of this world but that wants this world for itself. A mistake in the natural order of this world.

That was why she was here, only a few hours away from her hometown of London. To hunt down those mistakes and rid this city of them, since it seemed so very likely to hold her prey. To be rid of that festering wound that they created.

The wound had already been present long enough, she privately thought to herself as she recovered and started to walk. But she did not feel better. Nothing would make anything about this world feel better to her until humanity finally lost its ridiculous impulse to forge deals with things not of their own world. Because those deals would not only be the death of them, but the death of the entire world.

For with each new pact made, the barrier between their world and this one had grown closer to collapse and the world to destruction. And she didn't mean the usual "annihilate every single thing" type. This was the "destroy all the people but keep some as willing fodder"; the kind that did not obliterate a world, but instead made it suitable for something else while exterminating its precursor. 

She liked the world as it was, thank you very much. Not very much, but it was still preferable to any other options. Despite her hometown being destroyed, despite her selection by lot to perform the impossible task given to her, one which she only continued as tribute to her precious people. She would have done anything for them. And since they asked her to save the world, she would.

There was one way to compete that mission, according to her philosophy: to get rid of the unnaturals in this world.

But there was only one problem with that goal. Only one particular method could destroy the beings for good: alchemy. An almost dead art, killed by its own natural (or is it unnatural?) enemy. And, as she felt the back of neck tingling due to a heaviness in the air settling in around her, she knew that her enemy was still trying to eradicate alchemy from their ideal world.

The girl turned into a dark alley, eyes darting all around her, trying to seek out the source of her premonition of danger. But there was of course. Not natural so of course they would be able to hide themselves from sight. How idiotic of her to have forgotten her mentor's first piece of advice: Never think you know anything. She had added her own piece to that particular saying: Because you will be proven horribly and irreversibly wrong. And she just was. Dang and blast.

She patted her right knee once, twice, three times feeling the silver knife she had tucked in her pocket. Not that it would do any good but it comforted her. Her wits gathered and a plan formed, she turned on her heel and shouted.

"Show yourself, coward! Are you too scared to show your face?"

She had never been a strategist, always finding herself acting spontaneous and stupidly brave, even if those were not prized traits in her field. But luckily enough, it worked. Provocation of any kind was useful against those beings, thankfully for her.

Out of the darkest part of the alley stepped out a man; no, not a man anymore. It had given up its humanity when a pact was forged. It had been completely taken over by the creature. Even if it could have been taken out of the shell that had once been a human, the shell would never be the same. And so it was necessary to be rid of the shell as well as her prey. After all, when in doubt, it was better to destroy all evidence.

Smirking briefly at the thought, she tugged a large, lariat-style necklace off of her neck. The necklace looked completely normal, save for the pendant on the chain. The large ruby dangling from the silver chain shone from within with various shimmers, albeit there being no source of light in the vicinity. The thing in front of her grinned horrendously at the sight of the red jewel attached to the chain.

"We know who you are! We all do! And we will not stop until you are dead and defiled, dearest Alecta!" It shrieked at her. She looked back at it, staring. She blinked and the thing in front of her lunged.

And later on, as she looked down at the burning body while the screams of the unnatural resounded around the empty city, she wondered if she felt any guilt for destroying the man just as she did the unnatural being. She did not.

Because she was not here to save the humans, let alone the world. Let Earth fend for itself. She was only here as a fail-safe; no, not even that. She was here as a weapon to keep the barrier in place, to destroy everything unnatural. And, if it was necessary, she would destroy her own race to ensure her success.


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