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June 5, 2015



     2319. That was the year. I don't remember my childhood, none of my past actually. I am an army colonel. Colonel Thomas Lee Patricks'. I was deployed to a war torn country, The United States of America.


      A few months ago there was a massive attack. The President and the 5 people next in line after him were dead. It's total anarchy out there. Power was cut off to half the country, no water, no food and no hope. We were sent to try and protect the next President, the Secretary of the Treasury was going to become President. Her name was Elisabeth Petrosky.


      We got out of the armored convoy and entered the "White House." A small house in Washington D.C, the real one being destroyed. We showed our holographic I.Ds to them and they let us pass. We had to do the same thing about 10 times. I walked into a room of and saw presidential lookalikes getting ready. We transport them at the same time. I walked into the President's room. She saw us and got up. Nervous. Why wouldn't she be? We had made a wall of riot guards leading to the truck. I saw the other walls that would lead the decoy Presidents to their vehicles. I knew some of them wouldn't make it...


     She got in the car. We closed the heavy metal door. Suddenly gun shots erupted. We saw the riot guards fall as we sped away. They tried to hold onto the car but they fell and... We were speeding down the road, our trust in the driver. The car ahead of us exploded and we nearly missed being hit by the flaming piece of armored steel and dead body's. Bullet holes kept appearing in our windows, not being able to penetrate it. We heard nothing beyond the several inches of metal, bullet proof glass and what ever else they had made the doors from. Cars around us crash as we swerve to barely avoid death. We saw a decoy car driving next to us. I  looked into the passengers eyes as their car flipped and exploded.


We finally saw our attackers. Average people wearing torn clothes and gas masks. This attack had turned everyone against America. We watch as they dragged body's out of the cars and checking who they were before executing them as if they weren't already dead. Their fine suits and dresses now shredded. Even then they were still taken. These weren't the people who started this. They didn't do the attack, they just joined in. People releasing their anger...These are Americans. Your next door neighbor, your mailman, your teachers, your family... We just stared ahead now. Even if we wanted to look, the windows are so shot up and smeared with blood that you can't even see.


Suddenly we hear a loud crash. Our car veers off the road. Our driver begins panicking and he goes off the path. We are out in the open and away from the convoy. We hear a crash and we stop. We hear our car horn being held down and I realize our driver is dead. Our horn giving away the location of the US President. I push the dead man out. The president begins crying and I comfort her. I hear footsteps approach us as I hold my gun towards the door, holding the president behind me as I prepare to protect the most powerful person on Earth. We just had to get to Airforce 1. The airport only a few blocks away. I hear the footsteps just outside the door. I hear them pull the heavy door handle, the creaking door slowly being opened as I put my finger on the trigger. The door opened and I began shooting. The loud bangs and flashes followed by a dark figure dropping. I stop and slowly begin to scooch to the edge of my seat. I look around, The figure on the ground motionless as I step over him


I get in the driver's seat and begin to drive to the airport. Most of the rebels are gone now, I assumed they had began to move to the airport. We drove by carnage and flames. These people didn't stand a chance. The president hadn't said a word since we had left until now. She piped up in a nervous tone "We are going to make it right?" I looked at her, "I promise you will survive this ma'm" She was the only single president of the United States. Her husband was killed just before she was elected. His death was very shady. I don't think she even believed her own government's claims in how he died. A "car crash." I felt bad for her, a single women in such a big house. Well back then it was a big house. We continued to driven until we reached the airport. We stopped just outside. I could hear yelling and shooting. I hit the gas, we sped into the airport. We were shot at and jumped on until we reached the plane. We got behind a barrier and jumped out. The President sat in the car as a group of soldiers began to lead her to the plane.


This plane was so nice. The lavish seats and tables turned into beds. We fell asleep as we realised we were safe. We were heading to European airspace, the safest place possible. We were going to stop in Paris and Rome. All the great European cities. It was over now, we get to travel the world in the nicest plane in the world,with the President of The United States. I fall asleep just as we take off.


I woke up to a sharp turn and sirens blaring, we were told missiles were being shot at us. Rebels had taken over an Air Force base. How far were they going to go to kill us? We sat in a seat and put our seatbelts on as we continued to veer sharply. The anti homing missile flares being shot off. I knew this plane had excellent anti missile capabilities if they still worked.. Suddenly the plane shakes and a large explosion outside . We began to spin out as we headed straight for the ground. I saw the ground approaching like a bullet. I braced for impact. Everything went black.


I opened my eyes to the sound of a vehicle approaching. The plane has hit the ground and broke apart. Fire and debris everywhere. I saw the President lying just a few feet from me. I tried to move but I couldn't. The car pulled up, a military vehicle, out came a uniformed man I didn't recognize him. He went up to the President with a pistol. I tried yelling. Nothing coming out. I watched as he killed her. He saw me. He began walking towards me. I tried to get a gun but I still couldn't move. I finally recognized him. He was a general in the U.S army. He pressed the gun to my head. He said "Eventually they have to make me president." I watched his finger go to the trigger. He smiled. BANG


I woke up to a loud siren. I sat up in my bed. The general walked into the bunkers. Everyone looked at him. "Wake up. There's been an attack on America."  I looked at the clock...The time was 2319.


I am Colonel Thomas Lee Patrick's. I am being deployed to a war torn country. The United States of America.

I picked 2319 because of Monsters Inc. to be honest.


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