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Hi there, thank you for stopping by! :) It's been long since I wrote a fully rhymed poem (hurhur) so any comments/favourites/reviews would help reverse-rust this poorly-oiled poetry brain of mine greatly.

My writing is mostly inspired by random thoughts, real life, and whatever interesting things that cross my path. Hope you enjoyed the piece here! Always working on improving my writing (...and currently facing an especially daunting wall script writing).

Starting something

January 13, 2017

To begin a beginning is more complicated than you think,
Your heart disobeys you first, face turning red and then turning pink.
Next comes the question: building ego or painting skin?
You must then choose to either let pride or adrenaline win.

The final segments comes, and boy is it a tough part
So all there is to advise, is to be smart.
To stand right beside, to be the first to say "hello",
Pretend you've been at this years ago!
You'll feel judged, but just keep smiling
(and keep smiling to keep the talk going).

Time slows down to stalactites and stalagmites,
Each pause in conversation a stab to your might.
You finally feel the urge to make an excuse and leave--
Except, you've got nothing up your sleeve.
Your natural instincts pressure you on: escape! exit!
It's not too late still, make a mad dash for it!

Yet, you wait. You feel pretty sure,
There's something special brewing here.
So you shoo that voice and decide to stay,
Anticipating whatever that comes your way.


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