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Luctamo - painful loving

June 4, 2015

PROMPT: Fernweh


Luctamo (verb, can also be used as a noun): painful loving

Pronounced: Lucked-a-mow (stress the lucked)

Derived from the Latin words luctus, which means grief, and amo, which mean to cherish (love).

Luctamo is exampled perfectly when you love an enemy. Or when parents continue to love and provide for their rebellious daughter. And when you tell a friend what they need to hear even if it means they might stop being your friend.


Using the word:

     “The Willamses’ luctamo their daughter who stole their life savings.” (verb)

     “The Williamses’, instead of filing a lawsuit, are displaying lunctamo towards their daughter.” (noun)

     “I know those words hurt; I didn’t want to hurt you, you just needed to know. It was luctamo, not hate.” (noun) 



This word was inspired when recently I had to tell a friend something they needed to hear. It went sour, and I am not their friend anymore.


The next time you need to tell a friend something they need to hear, maybe this word can help you stay friends!


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