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I don't know what I want to do with my life. FEMINISM IS FOR EVERYONE.

(bassist, musician, artist, and apparently I write screenplays)

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Tarot, Suit of Swords

January 11, 2017

Fade in: JANET(15) sits, sulking in a dim room across from a fortune teller. CATHY(57) stands behind Janet and various mystical things are on the table between them.
            JANET [V.O]
    Apparently my soul is a pile of iron feathers. That can be blown away with a small gust of bullshit, bullshit made up by a “reader” that my aunt took me to. To say the least, my aunt is superstitious. I mean, I've had my tarot read too many times to have realized that it’s general enough to make sense to anyone, no matter what you get. This is what I do now, I sleep with magnets under my bed, eat all sorts of herbs and plants, and my life is laid out by the positions of the stars when I was born. Worst of all, I know it is all fake.
            JANET (V.O)
    Logical equations and theories, that was what I knew. Until my parent’s business trips became more frequent and I went to live with my aunt. This isn’t some Sabrina the teenage witch or Buffy the vampire slayer story, at least I don’t think it is. I mean, i’ve never been allowed to watch any of those because I could get “the wrong ideas" as my aunt says.
JANET flips the test over and walks to the teacher’s desk, hands the teacher the paper, and exits the classroom. JANET walks down the hallway, students open lockers and talk. DILLON and CALEB walk up to JANET from behind, and DILLON puts an arm around JANET’S shoulder.
DILLON(14): You coming over tonight?
CALEB(15): We’re ordering curly fries.
JANET: Very tempting but I’ve got to have my weekly tarot card reading with my aunt so I’m going to have to decline.
CALEB: It’s not like you actually get anything out of those stupid things.
JANET: Well it’s the witch’s orders. See you tomorrow.
JANET waves and grabs her headphones out of her pocket.
Cut to: JANET opens the door to the house and pulls out her headphones.
JANET: Aunt Cathy? Hello?
CATHY: Janet, great! We’ll do the tarot reading now if that’s okay with you.
JANET nods, she turns and rolls her eyes.
CATHY: It’s going to be a simple celtic cross spread tonight, I’ve got to prep for clients tomorrow.
The shot pans to the window, a half moon is shown through the trees.
Cut to: an aerial shot of the table, CATHY lays three cards, face down, in a plus sign formation and another on top of the right card. Janet slowly flips the one to the left.
CATHY: The Temperance card upright, what lies behind you is balance, and vision.
Then JANET flips the top card the Ace of swords.
JANET: I know this one. It means victory, right?
CATHY: It does, but in this spread it is a possibility, if the bottom card happens.
CATHY flips the bottom card.
CATHY: Six of wands.
CATHY looks at a small booklet on the table
CATHY(CONT): It says, public recognition, and self confidence.
JANET: What does this mean? What the hell am I supposed to bring to the public? My language grades? Because those, are questionable.
CATHY: I don’t know, we haven’t turned over the cards that tell the present and the problem that crosses it.
JANET: What do you mean by “the problem”?! Are you setting me up for some sort of murder mystery?!
CATHY: Janet, I would never do that. I just want you to understand what is going on with your life right now.
JANET: I’m done, okay. I hope you realize, that this spread could happen to anyone, and that it is all some made up bullshit. You can’t predict the future, there is no way to see the challenges that are going to come up, you’ve got to face that.
JANET storms upstairs, and CATHY sighs and slowly walks after her upstairs.
The camera focuses on the two cards that were left untouched. With a jolt of the table the cards flip. The ten of swords and the Moon. Cut to: JANET slowly stomping down the stairs. She briefly glances at the turned over cards. She balls her fists and grabs the whole deck of cards and pushes it off the table. Cut to: the window as the lights turn off in the room, the moon fades through the crescent phase and disappears from the sky. Fade out.

Loud shouts muffled by the window. CATHY yanks the door open to Janet’s room.
CATHY (franticly): What were the two cards that we didn’t flip over?!
JANET: Uh, it’s 5:40 in the morning.
CATHY: Tell me what the cards were!
JANET: Calm down, for everyone’s sake. It was the moon card and some swords card. Maybe the ten?
CATHY: Oh, god.
JANET: What happened?!
CATHY: Did you know that the moon just disappeared last night--
JANET: It was a half moon, it can’t just disappear.
CATHY: It did, and if you are so sure that i’m wrong, check nasa’s video. Everyone is freaking out. Bad news is rolling in like waves on the beach. But your parents are safe, I checked in with them. But there is bad news, grandma died. There was no way of knowing, she passed in the night.
JANET sits up, and tosses the blankets off her. JANET pushes past CATHY with tears going down her face. JANET pushes the front door of their house open. People pack cars full of possessions, kids run around screaming and crying, and others sob on the sidewalk. Cut to: JANET and CATHY stand in horror looking at the street.
JANET: Am I one that is supposed to fix this? I can’t do that, I-
CATHY: Trust the cards. You must bring people together, from there I do not know.


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