New Zealand

"Let the world shine through you and throw the prism light, white hot, onto paper."

​Running Away

January 5, 2017

Two months ago I landed myself in prison by driving a stolen car through the botanical gardens. Two months on and I’m here, standing on the doorstep of a house with a green door. Arugula Green, to be exact. I know because I helped choose it. It was unusual to me that it had faded, that the months had passed without me, as if time should have stood still in my absence. I could imagine him inside this very house, glasses askew, hair mussed, as usual. You can’t take him anywhere. Probably drinking coffee with too much sugar in it for it to be considered coffee at all. His job at the call centre would be forcing him out of the green front door and into his old silver Honda in a few minutes. He’d always hated that job with a passion, but I could tell he was going to get out of there someday. Maybe today, if he agreed. Maybe after today it could just be him and me, on our own, always. The door opened, and there he was. Just the same. Glasses, hair, coffee cup. The car keys hanging between his teeth dropped onto the porch. I grinned.
“Run away with me?”
His eyes sparkled.
“Just let me grab my coat.”


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  • EdMarie

    I love this! Your descriptions are captivating.

    about 3 years ago
  • Anais Tiri

    This is a really nice piece, good to see fellow New Zealanders doing well

    over 3 years ago