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Uncommon Dance

By: Ioana Georgiana

Black and blue. A clear contrast between the two. Pulsating light and shadow.

 The crowd was gathered round the enormous tank at the museum. Apparently, word went around of this amazing exhibition, so people had to check it out. It was more of an  art piece than a jellyfish habitat, in fact.

Up and down, down and up went the luminescent creatures, their tangled, odd limbs, performing some sort of dance. Separately, the movements seemed a broken pattern, something amiss. But together, they became something complex, and beautiful.

That's what it was, life expressed through art, art expressed through nature.

Peer Review

I liked how the words were lyrical and suggestive of the movements of the jellyfish. The writer has also given much thought about the defining characteristics of the dance and the word choices lent an otherworldly feel to the photograph.

A sense of wonder. This was evoked through the attention paid to the movement of the jellyfishes, as though the writer had seen them vividly in their mind's eye.

Reviewer Comments

I like the theme of your piece and the message we are left with, I feel that in our busy lives, we often forget to appreciate the artistic beauty of nature. This piece has a lot of potential to stand out as something uncommon and alluring.
At the end of the day, the writer knows best what it is they want to convey to the readers. Don't feel pressured to accept every comment on your piece!
I hope this review helped you and I look forward to seeing more of your pieces on WTW :-)