Rachel the Author

United States

Tennis player, martial artist, nerd, gamer and writer with a crazy imagination.

Message to Readers

Books convey meanings and stories that could never be experienced by a normal person. That is why such adventures and characters lie in their pages, so that we can discover new places and meet new people without them ever existing.

Solace of the Ink and Paper

January 4, 2017

Books are made of many things
Alone they are nothing
But come together
and they can do
Extraordinary things
New worlds wrought with danger
With adventure
Never before seen creatures
Gripping characters that challenge reality
An escape from the craziness into a whole new sort of craziness
To live a life that cannot be lived
To be have a power that can never be used
To meet people can never be seen
To touch things that do not exist
That is the solace of the written word
A comfort in the worlds that can never be visited
Or adventures never experienced
Without letters on a page
This is the solace of


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