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"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou


June 16, 2015

Of course I don’t remember really I was only 3 years old when they died, but it was his fault they’re gone. He ended two lives and ruined mine. One car crash and one too many drinks. His initials: S.S. That's the only information Gram and Pap would give me. 

"I really hate it here Sarah," I said to my best friend, staring blank-faced at the news on the TV hanging from the corner of the ceiling in our high school hallway. "We have one more year left we can make it Em." 

"No not this school, I mean this world. Why does it suck so bad? I mean look," I raised my hand directing her attention to the screen of the TV, an explosion in a factory, a woman in jail for animal abuse, all these awful things flashing infront of my eyes. Everyday it was something new and everyday that it got closer to their anniversary the worse my mind made the world appear. 

"I know it sucks, but we don't have time for detention today so if we don't move it you're gonna be late to third period and so am I. I'll see you at lunch!" I watched Sarah walk away, so carelessly and so not mad at the world like I. 

Finally my long day of tests, note-taking, and day dreaming was over. I met Sarah at our lockers after the last bell per usual and we made our way down to the poorly-lit art room we loved so much. Art work by past and present students covered the walls, shelves stacked with oil pastels, watercolors, all different types of paper, anything an artist could need and our beloved teacher Ms. Gabriel's fairy lights which made the room feel so magical. Ms. Gabriel had a mythical way to her, I don't know if it was that her pixie cut made her look like a fairy, or her love of music, art, and greek myths. It may have been just the simple way she liked to gossip with Sarah and I that added to her youthful charisma. 

"Hey ladies I gotta run early, I think David's going to propose tonight! It's our anniversary, but I'm leaving you two with the keys don't do anything crazy," she winked at us, "I'll see you tomorrow!" 

"Goodnight, have fun!" we exclaimed in unison, ending with a light laughter from all three of us. 

"Wow, she's SO lucky. I miss being in love" Sarah sighed, referencing her past 3 high school relationships. The longest lasted almost two months. 

I rolled my eyes with a grin. "Hopefully no one steals the ring. Did you see that horrible thing online about those wedding crashers stealing the bride and groom's money." I said.  

"Em! No one is going to steal the ring stop being so damn negative." I could tell Sarah was getting sick of my constant complaints. She wouldn't say a word though because she knew their anniversary was coming up in six days. "I'm going down the hall to wash these," picking up the dirty paint water and paint dishes, "and pee. I'll be back." Sarah's long ponytail followed her out the door. 

I sighed looking down at my almost done painting of a pair of hazel eyes almost identical to mine. I wasn't really sure where I was going with it, but I hoped these eyes had a better view on the world than I did. As I stared into them the room started getting colder and began to spin. Maybe I was sick, but then that wasn't what was wrong. Everything started disappearing and soon I was left in a vibrant garden with flowers and the sun was sitting in a light purple sky, literally smiling down at me. I must be dreaming right?

"No you are not dreaming!"

Along with an almost familiar voice was the sound of a small buzz. I looked around but no one was to be seen.

"Up here! No just kidding right here!"

A fairy, at least that's what I thought landed on my arm because according to Peter Pan that's what she looked like. I just stared with my mouth wide open. 

"Honey, Emily, don't leave your mouth open like that! Who knows what you might catch in that trap." she laughed. 

I closed my mouth and looked closer at her. "Ms. Gabriel...?" 

"Oh no that isn't me! I'm Mel, you could call me your fairy godmother. Everyone, especially someone going through a loss, needs someone here to watch over them and you got me! Now I understand you 'hate the Earth.' Yes I'm a pretty good eavesdropper, but I'm best at fixing problems. Now-" 

"I know this isn't real, I have homework to do and I don't have time for dreaming and you don't know anything about my loss, Mel." 

"Oh, but I do and I'm here for that too. You want closure and you're not going to get any by sitting around complaing about how bad this world is. You have to go see him." 

"Well how do you expect me to do that, have you seen the news! And who the hell is 'him'?" 

"We don't have the news here, remember this isn't your hated 'world' Emily. Now watch." 

The next thing I knew Mel was literally using the sky as her canvas and I just stood there in complete disbelief as she began to paint. 

The next thing I knew she was painting an almost identical picture of me watching the news. I blinked-- it was gone, in seconds she created three new scences. Pictures of people doing good things. A man rescuing a cat from a tree (I know that sounds pretty cliche but it was happening), people from my community helping at a soup kitchen. I began to realize what Mel was trying to prove. The world wasn't so bad and I just had to pull my head out of that dark thinking cloud. Lastly it was me walking into what seemed to be a jail. I sat down across a man with a blurry face. 

In an instant all the paintings were gone and the purple sky was back.  

I stared at Mel in such awe, she flew down and closed my dropped jaw for me. 

"Closure sweetie. Go to him. His full name: Spencer Smith."    


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