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Teenage literary critic and book translator. Poetry enthusiast, chocolate lover, and British TV addict. Nothing special, but everything extraordinary :) this is mostly free verse poetry, but I also write lyrics, prose, stories, and book reviews

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My goal for anything that I ever write is to spark a feeling in the reader. I write from as much experience as possible, and I pour out my thoughts and feelings out into my stories. I don't write often, but when I do... sometimes magic happens!

letter to my first love

May 4, 2019


I know this won't last forever, i always have. And I don't have any foolish hopes about love, especially not our love. You've never promised me forever, which is good because I wouldn't have believed you either way. But I never needed forever, I just needed you. When I tell you that you were the best thing that ever happened to me, I'm being 100% serious. And when I tell you that you have no idea how much i love you, that's true as well. I was in a place that was so dark that I thought I'd stay there forever but somehow I got out, thanks to you. You'll never know how much you actually mean to me, and that's probably for the best, because you might get scared away if you really knew. You bring out a side in me that I never knew existed. Being around you makes me into the kind of person that brightens other people's days and makes my own days so much better. I love you with my whole heart. 


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  • May 4, 2019 - 2:38pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Mr. Colin E.

    Oh my God, this is so sweet! Liking this!

    over 1 year ago