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This is a project I'm quite excited and passionate about. I've thought about this as a novel of sorts, but I suppose the screen would be the proper medium to do justice to the beautiful costumes I'm imagining ;)

I won't lie, the chemistry between Terence and Tina is inspired by Terence and Tinker Bell, from the Disney Fairies and the book series by Gail Carson Levine. The steampunk and photography were areas of interest which I incorporated. I've always wanted to have a main character who was a photographer hehe

Through a lens

January 2, 2017

Setting: Los Angeles, 2013

Terence Cohen, 23: aspiring fashion photographer with an interest in steampunk, passionate and shy, falls in love with the designer behind the steampunk collection, starts a project to feature her and her process of costume making

Tina Belle, 24: the designer behind the steampunk collection, confident and talented, she doesn't acknowledge Terence's feelings due to her sole focus on her career, they fall out when they clash in working styles

Sheila Leonett, 23: Terence's ex-girlfriend who is a fellow photographer, talented but bitter, tries to sabotage his attempts to woo Tina

Vincent Millicent, 49: famous curator for fashion pieces, artistic, Terence's patron


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