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Drew Estep

Wishes- Drew Estep

May 14, 2014



There are some things that I were true in life and some things that I wish weren't. First of I wish that people didn't judge everything and also make a big deal about things that are opinionated. If it is not a stated fact then I wish news and the world make a big deal about things. I also wish that money was not an issue for people. I wish that there was a limit on things, but since you only live this life once that you spend it happy and not worrying about money. Some things that I wish weren't true is the fact that we are forced to go to school and actually have to pay to go. There is so many subjects and test that do not even matter. I wish that one test didn't affect the rest of your life. I wish that there was not any violence and everyone spend their life being happy. I wish that all my wishes would come true, and also for everyone else's wishes came true too.


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