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Tug of War

December 30, 2016

For no reason, or perhaps out of sheer habit, the mobile phone is the first thing you pick up after you're awake. You turn on the Wi-Fi with a decisive tap, check the news, casually raising your eyebrows at the number of people who liked your social media posts. You feel validated, liked, accepted. 

The messages - more spam than important - come flooding in. You would rather do away with them, but "connections" are a strong persuasive factor. Besides, you don't want to seem like the party pooper who leaves a group chat first. 

It's a weekend, so you spend the morning getting lost in the seemingly exciting lives of prettier friends on Instagram. You wish your posts had that many likes as them. Then again, being popular means agonising over planned pictures and perfect captions. It's a burden you're not willing to uptake.

You turn to the news to take your mind off your issues, only to see reports on another trending false news. You spent ten minutes getting riled up, but no one's getting anywhere and no sides are winning.

You leave the app and turn off the device, but tomorrow (or more realistically, later) you'll come back again.


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