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Lessons from a Cnidarian

December 29, 2016

They stared at the silhouette 
of a rising jellyfish
disappearing into the water.

He told her,
Jellyfish have
no brains,
no hearts,
no ears,
no heads,
no feet,
no legs,
no bones.
Their skin is so thin that they can breathe through it.

She nodded,
That's why,
they are 
so calm
so peaceful
so satisfied
so electrified
so electrifying
so graceful
so smooth
so beautiful
Because they don't have things to worry about."

He asked, 
But then
Aren't they heartless?

She smiled,
They are.
They don't love
or hate.
Which makes them light enough
to simply live
and simply rise. 

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