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I have a thought process as rigorous as the most treacherous mountains in the world. Long car rides are my preferred setting for sitting down to write. I was born a writer, but I will die an author.

Message to Readers

I used this piece to work a lot on my symbolism. I know that within this piece I was very direct, but something I am looking to work on in future pieces is more subtle symbolism that requires more analytical reading and review. Let me know what you think of the idea of the piece: that a colors have emotion. Constructive criticism and positive feedback are both very much appreciated.

The Blind's Eye

June 1, 2015



    Do you remember being a kid in the beginning stages of learning?  I mean how you learned, even before you were in school?  For example, one of the first things you learn about is colors.  What colors look good together on the coloring page?  Which colored words and definitions on your beginning speller’s flashcards match?  What color headband matches the dress your mom dressed you in today?  All of these are color-based lessons that most kids are raised on, but what if you were blind?  Answering these questions would be impossible.  But what if you were to ask a blind child:  what is your favorite color?  This to me would be a question it is possible for them to answer.  Let me explain to you why.

    I associate colors with emotions, and when I say this, I don’t just mean the basics:  Red is anger.  Blue is sadness.  Yellow is happiness.  I may mean this as the underlying concept of the question, but not in terms of the deeper answer to the question.  To me, one basic color cannot define one single emotion.  In my opinion, different shades of the same color have a variety of interpretations, and each interpretation has a different feeling assigned to it.

    I will use, for example, the color I have taken a liking to for dying my hair most recently:  purple.  If I were to describe this color to a blind child, I would begin by stating that this is an artist’s color.  Note that there are many ways that one can be labeled an artist.  If I were an artist in the sense of literal pen-on-paper art, I would prefer a lighter shade of purple, perhaps a lavender, because I feel that is a light and airy color, and I associate these traits to be characteristics of artists and their way of working.  I am the color magenta, which is a shade of purple I have yet to dye my hair.  I link this with my being a writer.  I choose this color because I feel that its mix of pink and purple shades signifies the mix of the conceptually and mentally artistic visions that it takes for a writer to translate ideas in their mind into words on the paper.  I also label myself as a deep violet, which is the last color I dyed my hair.  This signifies my musical side.  I say this because the color’s darkness represents the dark reality of the obvious or hidden messages in all of my music.  I also feel like deep violet, while being a quiet and very subtle color, is also very loud in its statement.  It screams, “I know who I am, with not a care in the world as to what you think.”  At least that’s my own opinion.

    Colors are a set of codes.  I believe that everybody has the ability to set their own code and decipher other’s.  It would not matter whether a child has the physical ability to “see,” and I would like to believe that someone without this physical ability might even be better at deciphering emotional and mental codes than someone who had perfect vision.  We all have blindness inside of us based on our fears and insecurities.  However, beyond this blindness, we have all an ability to uniquely be and feel colors like no other person.

This is a free piece I wrote near the end of last year.  I really tried to work with the symbolism in colors.  Just so you know, my hair is no longer purple, but more of an brown to sandy blonde ombre, which by the way was not intentional, but happened as a result of my hair fading and growing out after the last time I dyed it purple and cut it.


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