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The Goblin Naraiyah

June 13, 2015

A single goblin moved out of the crowd and into a dark corner of a cavern. He seated himself on a log. A flashback came. Bright orange light and collapsing houses in a village. He snapped back to reality. 'Why do I see that? I don't know what it means.' he thought to himself. Glancing over to the others to make sure they weren't watching, he created a ball of fire in the palm of his hand and then extinguished it. The goblin's name was Xarai. He went unnoticed by every other goblin in his home cave. He sighed and looked to where he was making little mounds of dirt dance in the air. Suddenly he sensed someone's aura behind him. Xarai swung his head around, nearly banging his unnaturally long nose into the thing hovering behind him.

"So you're the goblin Naraiyah?" it was a female faiary. She had blue, liquid-looking eyes and her honey blonde hair was tied back into a messy bun.

"What's a Naraiyah?" asked Xarai cautiously. She raised her eyebrows then held out her hand,

"I'm Elvina. Of course you should remember that. A Naraiyah is someone who is a full elemental and can use magic for just about anything. There are four Naraiyahs in each generation. Come with me." Xarai took Elvina's hand and she took him over to two others who Xarai guessed were Naraiyahs too. 

"You found him?" asked a female. Her flowing chestnut locks nearly grazed the ground. Elvina nodded to her and said,

"He doesn't remember." she gestured for Xarai to step foward.

"I'm Alycca, a mage and this is Theoroid. Call him Theo, it's easier." she said, gesturing towards a cyclops, "Now, I'm going to show you something. Don't be afraid for it is the truth of your past. The truth of our past." she closed her eyes and put her fingertips on the temples of Xarai's bald head. His mind suddenly flashed to someplace different.

He saw himself surrounded by three others. They looked extremely like younger versions of those that he had just met.

"RUN!" called the young Alycca. She looked towards Xarai, "Find your parents and get out!" Xarai turned to look at Elvina. "Just go." she said, whilst hugging him, "It's what we all have to do. You'll find out soon enough why." Theo gave him a smile and seemed nice, not at all what his personality was looking like now. Xarai turned, still confused and ran to find his parents, and soon found the reason why. A large, black figure swooped over his village, setting fire to all things in his path. The image rippled and Xarai saw himself with two other goblins who looked remarkably like him. (he did suppose that all goblins did, but this was different. They were is parents.) The male of the two looked at the female worriedly. "We have to protect him." they nodded to each other and moved towards Xarai. "We're very sorry. What we're about to do will take away your memories, but people will find you again in the future. You'll be a hero one day." The last thing he saw was his house and everything in it, including his parents, explode in a fiery inferno.

The image faded to black and Xarai once again saw the others around him, but differently, for he now knew who he was. It was like ice water coming up to him and slapping him in the face. He ran up to them all and, only just managing to reach, wrapped his arms around their necks. Elvina spoke first,

"Shunnels, he's the dragon, has recently attacked and pillaged several villages. We need your help to navigate through the tunnels. Do you know the way?" 

"Of course. All goblins were taught the way to Shunnels' lair. He's like our leader. I knew he was evil, but I never knew that he'd done all this."

"Then we should get going into the tunnels to fight the dragon Shunnels." Theo said blankly. His voice was deep and he had a muscular build, making it look like he was about to explode out of his shirt.

"That rhymed! It's a bit of a funny name, don't you think?" Elvina snickered. Theo just looked at her with a straight face but Alycca let out a giggle, "It really is!" she laughed.

Theo still looked confused. He gave up on trying to understand and just grumbled, "Lead the way."

Xarai started walking and they followed. They made it to the entrance of the tunnels and all lit fires in their hands so the flames licked their palms and lit up the cold darkness. Xarai led them through without fault, much to the displeasure of Theo. At one point, Elvina caught up to Xarai and joked,

"You know, if someone has to die, I want it to be him." she nodded towards Theo. "He's changed, but I don't know how..." They walked on and eventually found themselves at the entrance to Shunnels' lair. It was a massive set of black stone double doors with intricate carvings of weapons, fire, and destroyed towns on the front of them. 

"Well that's a lovely picture to welcome your guests with." said Alycca sarcastically. Theo looked at her excitedly,

"I thought so too." the bad thing was that he seemed serious. They all exchanged worried glances. The quartet pushed themselves through a small gap in the door that was slightly ajar. As they cautiously looked at their surroundings for any sign of the dragon, they were instantly taken aback with horror. The giant room was filled with rotten bones and skeletons with only scraps of skin left on them. The ground they were walking on was basically carpeted with dried up blood that gave it a marble-looking effect. And sitting right in the middle of it, chewing on a bone was Shunnels himself. He was a giant mass of black and grey. Misty indigo coloured light was emanating from the ripped holes in is leathery skin. His face had a variety of hooks sticking out of it and his teeth were the size of a chainsaw each. He saw them and sighed as if he knew that they were going to come, "Ahhh. Nice job Theoride." he spoke slowly. His voice sounded strangled and deranged, "You brought me my lunch." the other Naraiyah looked at Theo in disbelief.

"We never should have trusted you! I knew that you weren't yourself anymore!" screamed Elvina as she threw herself at him,

"No fighting. We can't have that." Shunnels seemed like he had no emotions whatsoever. With that he picked Elvina up in his mouth and threw her against the wall, "I'll save her for later. Now, who wants to be first?"

Alycca spoke, enraged, "You're not taking any of us!"

"Don't worry, I'll give you... 30 seconds to plan your fight strategy. It won't work, but I like a bit of action, especially when I know I'll always win. 1, 2, 3, 4..." He began his countdown. 

Alycca grabbed Xarai's hand and pulled him over to the corner.

"Do you have a plan?" he asked her.

"No. I don't know what to do." she looked at him helplessly. Xarai had been thinking about a plan but Alycca wasn't going to like it. Slowly he told her his plan and when he'd finished, Alycca gave him a tight hug, her hair draping over his shoulder. 

"Lets do this." she whispered in his ear.

Xarai stepped foward and called out, "We surrender!" Shunnels looked disappointed as he was cut off midway through 27

"Really? Fine." as Shunnels reached out to snap him up, Xarai took what Alycca passed to him. Shunnels picked him up and swallowed him whole. Xarai was inside his esophagus when he looked towards the sword in his hands. As he very slowly made his descent, he thought about everything he would miss in his life. He couldn't think of anything. The other goblins were evil and he had never liked being a part of that. But then he thought of all that could have been possible if he'd thought of a better plan. 'Alycca still has Elvina' he supposed. He would never have fitted in. It would have seemed like it to him, but he was a goblin, he didn't belong with mages and faiarys. He was the third wheel. This way he would be remembered as a hero. This was the only possible way he could fix things. Covering the sword with black ice, setting it on fire and lifting it, he shut his eyes and swung it in a circular motion. He cut Shunnels' head clean off. The last thing he remembered seeing was Alycca, smiling sadly at him as she held Elvina. They were sitting near Theo, who was lying dead on the floor, with the same old gormless expression on his face. Xarai closed his eyes again. He hit the ground with a thud and was plunged into darkness. He would never find the light again.

I went over the 'word limit!' I hope it doesn't matter! I wanted to make a goblin good as not many stories do that. Thanks to all the people who gave me constructive criticism. You really helped in the works of this story! Especially Grace Mary Potts and Mackenzie Kolar. I would still like reviews because I have changed it a lot! Hope you enjoyed and good luck to others that have entered this competition! (You're probably going to kick my butt!) 

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