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Thanksgiving Drama: Religion, Politics, and Names

November 26, 2021


My family on my step-mom's side
is complicated.
I love them all dearly,
but I have never seen eye-to-eye with them.
2016 election came around,
2020 revelations came around,
and I find myself at a loss.
We avoid talking about current events, the news, and most other debatable topics.
I keep my mouth closed about religion,
and they keep theirs closed about my "nick-name".
Now one of my cousins has a new 
We spend thanksgiving
in their basement,
listening to each others stories,
hearing each others complaints,
and holding each other when things get too hard.
When we've disappeared for too long,
we go back upstairs, 
back to the ruckus and the chaos of the many cousins.
I still have fun.
I love the noise and rough-housing of my many boy cousins.
I love the compliance of the older girls and the giggling of the younger ones.
I love talking about college plans with my new grandparents and my new aunts and uncles.
But I love the most,
hearing my cousin tell me about how free they feel at college.
How I should come and visit, even though we need to keep the queerness to a minimum.
I am thankful for the new family I have.
I am thankful for the complications,
for the noise,
for the people filling up my life.
And I am most thankful
for my close friend
who learned how to see the world in a new way.
I am always thankful to see what they have learned.
Just trying to express some confusing emotions about the holidays. I'm sure a lot of you can relate. Hope everyone has a good holiday season!


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