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Driving to my Dreams

November 26, 2021

I walked to the family room, wanting to ask my dad a question. I found him on the couch, watching cars. At first, I thought he was watching MotorWeek, but I looked harder at the screen and saw it was racing. “What is that?” I had asked, completely forgetting my question. My dad grinned at me and invited me to watch with him. I was hesitant, but agreed to watch for “only five minutes.” I stared at the TV, the sound of engines roaring in my ears. I stared at the leaderboard, trying to figure out who was “HAM”. (It turned out to be Lewis Hamilton, the GOAT of F1) I saw two cars turn side by side, but the inside car managed to pass the other one. It seemed that time itself had slowed down, making it a slow-mo shot. If it were a cheesy  TV show, I would’ve realized how amazing this sport was, and I guess that did happen. Then, it happened. I saw a car move to pass another car, and then, CRASH! That split second made me realize the fragility of this sport infused with the intensity. I was instantly hooked. Long story short, I watched the whole race.
    I found myself watching the next race, desperate to learn more about this enchanting sport. I quickly picked up the language of the discipline in the world of Formula 1. My sister came over to me. “What does ‘box box’ mean?” she asked. I eagerly gave her an explanation but she nodded and walked away. With every passing race, I became more and more of a fan.
    I scrolled through F1 articles when I saw something intriguing. How to be a Formula 1 Driver the title read. It was like puzzle pieces connecting in my brain. It would be an amazing way to combine my knowledge of physics and my passion for the sport. I was completely over the moon. Immediately, I spent hours looking up how to become a driver.
    “Do you want to play MarioKart?” I had asked my sister, wanting to practice my driving skills. My sister, who was a devoted Animal Crossing fan, gave me a look, but nonetheless started the game. In the meantime, I researched a few karting facilities and made a whole slideshow on why I should go karting. I worked on it during remote school. (My teachers never found out.) And I was bursting with pride when I presented it to my parents. But their reaction was not what I had expected nor what I had hoped.
    They said I could kart, but only as a hobby. They said “it’s too expensive” for a career, “you’re going to get killed or severely injured” and even “you’ll never make it.” I ignored them and kept trying to hone my skills. I played racing games with a steering wheel. I improved my reflexes with tennis. I was hardcore determined, and soon, I forgot all about my parents cutting down my dream.
    Then, in the summer of 2021, I was careless and my parents picked up that I still had aspirations of becoming an F1 driver. By then, I was an avid fan of the sport. I watched every single session and talked about it 24/7. My parents told me to “sit down” and that’s when I knew I was about to get a lecture. They kept saying how I was getting addicted and that I would never ever make it. They said if I kept believing that I could be a Formula 1 driver, they’d ban me from watching altogether. I felt a flurry of emotions. Sadness, devstation, heartbreak, but mostly disbelief that they’d do such a thing to keep me from my dream. I bit my lip, restraining myself from breaking down so they wouldn’t see my love for the sport.
    But now, I still haven’t given up, no matter what my parents say. I’m teaching myself the parts of an F1 car, careful not to let my parents see. For my birthday, I somehow convinced my dad to take me karting. It was marvelous, and indescribable. It just made me even more sure that this is what I want to do. Suddenly, knowing my dream job made me feel grown up. It pushed my mind towards adulthood. It gave me a tough mentality. No matter what life throws at me, I can't give up on my dream. I know I'm destined to do this. I am ready, and nothing will stop me from achieving my goal. F1 is what I'm meant to do.

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  • F1fangirl

    @Bailey_ Thank you so much! It means a lot to me. :)

    about 2 months ago
  • Bailey_

    This is so good! I know absolutly nothing about this sport, but you made me want to sit down and watch it! I can feel your enthusiasm coming off the page and I can feel my heart sinking with yours at your parents reaction. This is really such a good piece. And I hope you can keep working towards your dream :)

    2 months ago