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The Meaning of You

November 26, 2021


Honeysuckle and lemongrass,
Tinkles of woodwind and brass.
The smell of teabags as they brew,
The things that synonym you.
Auburn ringlets flowing long,
The gentle hum of song.
Your smile as it lights the room,
Making lilies bloom.
All these simple things of you,
The things I thought I knew.
I thought I’d hold them close for life,
To get on through my strife.
But just as you depart from me,
These familiarities seem to flee.
For they belonged to you alone,
And now lay with your stone.
The candles stand withered and cold,
The teabags threaten to grow mould.
The house now smells of dirty habits,
And we haven’t fed the rabbits.
But as you were swept up by crime,
All I longed for, then, was time.
For loving departs and a motherly embrace,
One last glimpse of your innocent face.
Because one moment you were by my side,
The next screaming for me to hide.
You put yourself in danger,
Stood in front of the stranger.
And when, moments later, I emerged,
The figure turned and surged.
I’d seen you one last time,
But you’d been victim to the crime.
And now I sit here in this pew,
Smiling just for you.
Because the room is drowned in mourning,
In suits and darkness and warning.
But you live on not through sadness,
Through tears or depression or madness.
And from this world, you may be departed,
But your impact on our lives has only merely started.

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  • rainbow

    Good job!!! Wait for my review

    about 2 months ago
  • mnesic writer

    This was so good, so I just reviewed it for you! :)

    about 2 months ago
  • liv marie

    the wording here is so interesting and intricate, it kept me hooked the whole time. you did a great job!!
    re: aw thanks <3

    about 2 months ago