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Eavan's Journey: Chapter 1

November 26, 2021


  As Eavan O'Riley sat in the train car on the hard seat, time felt like it crawled past. She leaned her elbows on her knees and rested her chin on her fisted hands, swaying back and forth slightly with the motion of the train.
  The sleeves of her brown cotton dress were frayed around her wrists, and the shoes that peeked out from beneath the faded hem were scuffed and worn.
  She stared unseeingly out the sooty window, a lone tear sliding down her pale cheek. It was only two months ago that her Da, Ma, and her older brother Corey had succumbed to the scarlet fever that they had all gotten in the epidemic in that swept through the small town they had lived in. The orphaned children had gone to live either with relatives or the nearby orphanage. Because Eavan was sixteen and deemed "too old" to be adopted, she was being sent to the city to be a maid in some manor. Lord, why did you let them die? The lone tear turned into hundreds as Eavan's blue-green eyes spilled out her heart's sorrow and hurt. I miss them so much!
  "And now I'm being sent away from all the people who knew and remember them." She whispered, burying her face in her now-folded arms. Her tears soaked through the skirt of her dress.
  A light hand landed on her shoulder, and Eavan jolted upright. She looked into the brown eyes of darling Christa Steinburg, who had been Eavan's next-door neighbor.
  "Can I sit with you?" The three-year-old asked with tears in her voice. Both Christa's parents had passed away, and she was going to stay with a distant relative. 
  "Of course, sweetie." Hugging the girl close, Eavan thought her heart might break. So many emotions, Lord! she thought with a sob. Sorrow one minute, bittersweet happiness to be with her young friend, and right back to sorrow knowing they would only be separated with Eavan got off at Boston.
  "I want my mama." Christa sniffled.
  "I know, sweetie. I do too."
  Why, God?


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  • Marchwildflower

    aww! So sweet. amazing work. looking forward to your further stories :)

    about 2 months ago