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I am

December 14, 2016


I am from closed doors;
from angry tears and ground shaking voices,
and the cooling relief of aloe on burns.

I am from too many sweets and midnight readings, 
from healing and accepting.

I am from bizarre haircuts and cluttered messes, 
from laughter and long forgotten homework piled in brightly lit corners.

I am from bear hugs, tooth smiles, and forgiveness.
From reaching out and starting anew.

I am from resonant clarinets and singing in the car, 
I am from all these and more.

These memories stitched together like patches on favored flannels, some faded, others bright and vivacious...
and others still annoying the skin with loose thread.

But together they make a turbulent harmony, I
I am from these memories, opening these doors. 


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