The Earthquake

November 25, 2021


The ground is shivering extensively,
Buildings are fiercely jumping up and down 
The land has turned upside down and everything is being demolished
I tremble with fear as I watch this horrific sight,
From a long distance, I see a small house being destructed by the pernicious earthquake
I look again, it’s my house
My house is ruined, nothing is left from it
It looks like an old, parched bone that has cracked and ruptured
I can hear everything crashing on the ground and collapsing
I’m thinking if this is all a terrifying nightmare  
I feel miserable, sorrowful and depressed
When will this dreadful disaster end?
This poem is about earthquakes. It describes how destructive they can be and also describes how many families feel when this dreadful occasion happens. I really hope you enjoy it!


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