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Brilliant Blue

November 25, 2021


Blue is as beautiful as a shiny sapphire diamond
Blue is a small,  bluebird sitting on a tree, singing a peaceful tune
Blue is the cold breeze, swaying me back and forth on a Spring day
Blue tastes like sweet blueberries, freshly-picked from the vine
Blue smells like the salty scent of seawater, from the cold ocean
Blue sounds like the rain, dripping and dropping from the sky, freshening the plants and flowers
Blue feels like bubbles, dancing happily in a warm bath
Blue looks like a pretty bluebell flower placed in the middle of a big garden
Blue makes me think of Summer when I jump into a crystal clear pool
Blue is as relaxing as the small movements of the ocean 
This is a short poem about the colour blue. It describes how relaxing and beutiful this colour is. I hope you enjoy reading this poem! :D


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  • Jasmin khawar

    Blue colour is indeed very relaxing and soothing. I love the way this sounds so aesthetic.

    13 days ago
  • Grace2Write

    This is gorgeous!

    13 days ago