I'm Ali - a 13-year-old from Sydney. I play chess, do public speaking and learn French.
- Poet
- Hufflepuff
- Philosophy fan
- Bookworm

~ Joined October 2021

Message to Readers

Hi friends,
As we slowly begin to feel the nostalgia of early Spring storms here in Australia, I decided to write this poem to describe the innate beauty of this magnificent season. Please feel free to share your feedback on the piece - as always, it's welcomed with open arms ;)


November 23, 2021


Don't cry, young girl, the raging storm outside, 
comes from where your dreams reside.

Beyond the vibrant valleys north, 
Past ancient Oakwood forests south, 
Through the cascading rivers east, 
Up above the sea-washed cliffs of west,
to not a single place, but everywhere,
a haven for Spring season zest.
This uproar of nature,
this potent storm, 
Epitomizes its innate reform. 

Blossoming wildlife,
invigorating rain,
Beauties that nature will soon regain. 

So, little girl, don't be afraid, 
The Spring storm will shortly end, 
and only then will you realize that it is a friend. 


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