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Sarah Grimson


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I don't really want any comments on this, as I wrote is and it is rather personal.

Writers Camp Reflection

May 29, 2015



LOVE writers camp, it is so fun and exciting and I love how everyone became friends in such short time. The most inspiring part was when we all gathered around the fire and relaxed, said a prayer and bonded event though no words were said to one another. I really, truely appreciate all of the effort that went with the two days or so of writing. I loved all the effort Mrs B put into this camp to ensure we had a 'fablourious' time. The spirit of the camp was truely seen through the dorms and in the tasks when friends rallied together to complete tasks. I found that the most eye-opening part of the camp was the time when everyone read their stories on the complication, it showed me how individual and unique every single person is. This camp taught me so many tricks and tips I can use in the future to improve my writing. I was proud of myself when I read my peice out loud in our groupd and no one judged me.I found confidence I never knew I had and I now know my opinion is valued. I would only recommend a longer cam, as a day and a half is much to short.

I never want to forget this camp of beginnings, or how crisp the air was or how clear the birds sounded in the trees. I especially NEVER want to forget all the friends I have made.

Thanks Mrs Bentley for inspiring me,



This was my experience, my reflection.


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