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I wish

By: Courtney


Ten things I wish that weren't true are: I wish I didn't live in Indiana. I wish I didn't have to be at school at 8 am. I wish my mom and I didn't fight.
I wish I was 18. I wish I was old and married. I wish the economy wasn't in debt. I wish I wasn't poor. I wish school lunch didn't suck. I wish I wasn't addicted to pop. I wish I didn't ever get a phone. Ten things I wish were true: I wish I would win the lottery. I wish I had an unlimited supply of Mountain Dew kickstarts. I wish I didn't have a phone. I wish they would cater Buffalo Wild Wings to school on Monday. I wish I never had homework. I wish I could be in the marines someday. I wish no one had invented make up. I wish shoes where free. I wish I never have to see snow again. I wish Mr. Dudley would let me throw the first pitch at a baseball game.

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Good job!