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Kind of my first time writing creative nonfiction...? Hope it wasn't too rambly haha xD
Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Especially because I'm really late to the party ... but learning goes on even after the competition, right? ;)

Thinking, miles away

December 12, 2016

I was 6,067 kilometres away from home when my December began, and I was loving every minute of it.

That was a hyperbole. I was homesick after being three days abroad. I missed many things, but I missed the local food and the constant Internet connection most of all. The bus trips were far too long (actually, most countries are ginormous in contrast to Singapore) and I had too much time to think.

That spelt bad news for me, the overthinker. I mostly slept the travelling time away, but long periods of an inability to sleep still struck. Those were nightmares, being bored out of your mind, being confined to the same seat for hours on end, and the ride being too bumpy to write a story (or anything) down.

It was, finally, the second-last day on our holiday. The days had mostly ghosted past, occupied by the busy tour schedules and numerous picturesque scenes. We had just finished our scenic tour and were travelling two hours by bus back to the city. I plugged myself into the music world and tried to sleep.

One day more, Marius crooned into my ears. Hmm, maybe not so fitting that he was singing of revolution while I was singing of familiarity. Come to think of it, returning to Singapore meant starting on that insurmountable mountain of homework and revision papers...as well as no more guilty-free hours spent on my mobile phone...

Oh no. What had I spent most of the holiday abroad doing, stressing out over how much I was missing back home? While my classmates sent mathematics questions to our WhatsApp class group chat, I was sleeping and taking twenty photos of the same background -- that was possibly a hyperbole.

I panickedly look out to the grass plains whizzed past the windows, black and white cows munching steadily and slowly on the grass merging into a grey blur. We were still a far distance from the city.

What a good life you must have, my heart twanged with that unfriendly emotion, five stomachs and aimless lives.

My thoughts wandered to the various people I knew on Instagram having their respective holidays. Would they have an epiphany and change their life mottos (or statuses) on their social media biographies? Would I?

An unpleasant sound rumbled at the back of my throat. Why did these matter anyway? I tried to settle into the same uncomfortable seat at the back of the bus and ignored the stuffiness that was building up. This wasn't so bad.

Yet, my thoughts kept drifting back. To the life motto, and to the movie I caught one week before I left Singapore.

"Are you a seeker? A seeker after truth?"
"I'm more of a chaser, really."

While my heart thrilled at the Quidditch* references, I wondered what each meant, to life, to careers. Did writers and journalists seek, inquiring after the truth in their stories; or did they chase, looking for ways to capture the essence of the narrative? Was there a better way between the two? Or were both supposed to be balanced?

Perhaps these questions mattered more now that I was abroad, seeing a bigger world and meeting so many more people. You were just that small speck in a crowd, what made you different, what made you you were your beliefs and how you saw the world.

December meant how I defined my 2016 was coming to an end. December meant I could say I matured (or did not mature) in this past year, a fact which could be easily judged by others.

I am a small speck, but I believe a small speck can grow into an enormous sphere of influence, much like J K Rowling, or Stephen Hawking.

I am an avid photographer. Although I often chase after "aesthetic" photos, I also chase after pretty lighting and attempt to convey the interesting perspectives I lived through my photos.

I am an artist, crafting and creating portraits that reflected the rose-tinted lenses I used to view the world.

Most of all, I am a writer, who creates worlds with words and keeps believing in the magic of this reality. I'm more of a chaser, December revealed.

What about you? Did you find yourself this December?
*A form of sport in the Harry Potter (and now, Fantastic Beasts) universe, Quidditch involves flying around on broomsticks with different positions such as Beaters, Keepers, Chasers, and Seekers held by players.


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