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Katie R. Goates

United States

I'm a Christian, a musician, a singer, an INTJ, an old soul, and an imperfect human being. I love math, reading, classical music, and learning. I'm certainly not your typical teenager :)

Message to Readers

This is a story I wrote a couple months ago from a writing prompt I had about finding a diamond necklace on the seat of a bus. I haven't looked at it much since, so it may still sound raw and unfinished. Please give me honest feedback and tips, if any.

Silver Diamond

May 27, 2015



Jenica pushed through the crowd of kids at the bus stop. She climbed up the stairs into the bus, hoping to get a seat by a window. She pushed through the kids to a seat near the back, and sat down on the cracked bus seat.

“Eew!” one of the girls behind her said. They all turned up their noses. She scowled to herself, but  ignored them and stared out the window. The girls behind her continued to try and bug her. She tried looking down at her lap, anywhere but the girls behind her. Jenica really hated rides in the school bus. The bus slowed down and lurched as they stopped at the next bus stop. The door screeched open and kids piled into the bus. She picked at a fold in her jeans. Someone stopped in front of her seat

“Would you mind terribly if I sat next to you?” a girl said in a thick accent that Jen could not place. Jenica looked up into the face of a girl with long bleached blond hair, curiously pointed ears and piercing silver eyes.

“Uh, no, you can sit here.” Jenica said, making room for the strange girl on the seat next to her. She looked back out the window. Jenica began to feel hair being yanked on the back of her head and giggles behind her. She whipped around and felt a large amount of hair being pulled out.  The girls behind her started laughing at her and in one of their hands was a big wad of Jen’s light brown hair. Jenica turned back around and tears began to form in her eyes.

“Don’t pay attention to them,” the strange girl put her pale hand on Jenica’s leg “deep down inside they are really jealous of you”

“How do you know?” Jenica said with tears in her eyes, threatening to fall down her cheeks.

The girls eyes sparkled but she didn’t smile “I just do.” she said. Jenica wiped her nose on her sleeve. The bus lurched and stopped again

“This is my stop” the silver eyes looked straight into Jen’s. She stood up and looked at the girls that sat behind Jenica with no emotion on her face. They didn’t seem to notice her.

“They have low self esteem. Try to be kind to them,” she said “ perhaps they will finally be nice to you. Remember, you are worth more than diamonds.” The girl said as she turned and walked to the front of the bus. The silver-eyed girl walked straight down the stairs and the bus driver didn’t even protest. Jenica watched her disappear between the trees on the side of the road.

She something glinting out of the corner of her eye. Jenica Turned and gasped. There sitting on the seat next to her on the cracked seat, was a beautiful silver necklace embedded with diamonds. Her fingers tingled and a warm feeling spread through her body as she lifted the necklace over her head.

Jenica looked out the window and she swore that she saw the girl with bleached blond hair, curiously pointed ears, and piercing silver eyes spying through the trees.

Jenica smiled a special smile to herself.


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