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Katie R. Goates

United States

I'm a Christian, a musician, a singer, an INTJ, an old soul, and an imperfect human being. I love math, reading, classical music, and learning. I'm certainly not your typical teenager :)

Message to Readers

This is a story I wrote a couple months ago. I tried to capture it from the point of view of a rabbit. Please tell me how I did and be honest :)

Grey Rabbit

May 27, 2015



A gray rabbit dipped through the dry November weeds looking for something good for him and his siblings to eat. The weather had been dry that year, too dry for much to grow and a few of his younger brothers and sisters had died early because of want of food. He found a patch of moss and began to chew on it furiously.

The rabbits had heard gunshots for the past few days now, killing several of their siblings. The gray rabbit looked up every once and a while to watch for the big furry monsters that came with the terrifying loud popping sounds.

His muscles tensed as he heard barking. He looked up through the grass and took off running; not away, but to round up his siblings. He had seen a tall, two legged walking tree and a terrible black monster. He could hear barking and howling in the distance. His confused siblings ran in all directions. He tried to calm them down, but he only succeeded in making them run faster. He saw, to his relief, a few of the smarter ones ran towards the burro. He continued to run around the other rabbits, trying to get them to run in the same direction as the others.

He stopped for a moment to look through the dry grass. The monsters where getting closer, which made the gray rabbit panic. All too suddenly, the barking monster came over the hill, gunshots rang through the air. There was only one thing for the gray rabbit to do.

He ran towards the great black monster, stopping right in front of the beast’s front legs. The monster’s red eyes glared down at him. He snapped at the gray rabbit’s head, but the rabbit ducked just in time and started running the opposite direction of his confused siblings. He ducked into the shadowy forest, the monster following closely behind.

The rabbit ran. He could feel his legs tiring underneath him. He dared to look back at the monster, which he wished he hadn't done. The monster's mouth was foaming, his red eyes glaring. He was catching up quickly, snapping at the gray rabbit’s back legs. The rabbit knew that he could run no farther. His head was hurting, his vision was turning gray. He frantically looked around for a place to hide.

Suddenly the earth gave way beneath the gray rabbit and he fell into a dark hole. Pain shot up his back leg as he landed. He could feel his heart beating against his ribs and his breathing was labored and heavy. His paws were swollen and bloody. He didn’t even have enough strength to lift his ears. The gray rabbit looked up to the opening of the hole. He could hear the monster howling to his master.

After what seemed like forever, the monster’s master did arrive. The rabbit could see a round, pink face look into the hole and to his dismay, a large pink hand thrust itself trying to grab the rabbit. The rabbit pushed himself closer to the wall as the hand reached for him. The hand disappeared and the pink face said something to the black monster which made it whine, but eventually, after some yelling from the pink monster, he left the hole that he was guarding. The gray rabbit relaxed, breathing deeply.

He remained in the hole until he had caught his breath again and then he poked his head out cautiously. The hill side was completely still except rabbits poking around for food. He jumped out of the hole and happily went to join his siblings.


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