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If a particle of your observations tugs at you a certain way, don't forget to write it down.

Message to Readers

This prompt made me think of all the ordinary, everyday things I do so
much more interesting and part of what makes me ME. I would love feedback
on this piece, but please make your feedback clear so I can understand
what you are trying to say, because I want to get better. Thanks for reading my

Counting My Life

June 12, 2015

PROMPT: Subtotals


Number of cold sores I've gotten; 672, number of bracelets broken or lost; 502, number of hours spent outside; 2,000,000, number of books read; 5,000,000, books I have really liked; 256, books I have had a so-so feeling about after reading them; 9,  number of home runs hit; 3, number of doubles hit; 130, number of pets owned; 8, number of blogs written; 36, number of high fives given; 8,000, recieved; 4,000, number of instruments I play; 4, number of songs I know how to play on the flute; 82, number of Youtube videos so far; 4, number of stories written; 105, excellent stories written; 26, good stories written; 43, bad stories written; 33, perfect stories written; 0, bowls of oatmeal eaten; 203, number of necklaces I've gotten as gifts but have never worn; 11, number of songs memorized on guitar; 13, number of times I've cursed; 17, number of times I've been to the zoo; 11, number of times I've flown on a plane; 9, number of funny movies watched; 21, number of pet deaths experienced; 5, number of shutouts pitched; 1, number of hours spent hiking; 96, number of times I've eaten carrot cake; 39, number of times I've wanted to yell at my softball coach for being unfair; 103, number of times I've actually yelled at him for being unfair; 0, number of times I've been mad at my brother for having Asperger's syndrome; 41, number of times I've felt sorry for him for having Asperger's syndrome; 23, number of Parenthood episodes watched; 58, number of times I've been told I look like a stick; 3, number of times I've tripped in public; 67, number of times I wished I wasn't homeschooled; 21, number of times I've been glad I am homeschooled; 83, number of crushes I have had; 6, number of songs written; 9, yet to be written; unknown.


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1 Comment
  • AbigailSauble

    Intriguing ending. ;) I'm home-schooled too! Personally . . . I've never regretted it. :P I've probably given about 8,000 high-fives too, and play five instruments. I play flute too!
    Keep writing!
    God bless!

    over 1 year ago