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I have a thought process as rigorous as the most treacherous mountains in the world. Long car rides are my preferred setting for sitting down to write. I was born a writer, but I will die an author.

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Contemplation of the future is a common reoccurrence in my everyday life. I continue to think of where my life is leading me. I am at a crossroads, trying to discover which road to travel. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

If, Not When

May 27, 2015



My life is a gigantic "if, not when."  Though most people keep telling me, "when, not if."  When I graduate.  When I move out.  When I go to college.  When I get a job.  Yes, these I admit are "when's".  These are "when's" I was raised on.


What about the "if's" I've developed.  If I graduate early.  If I move to New York.  If I major in music management.  If I instead double major in psycology and literature.  If I become a social worker or a counselor.  If I meet a man and he becomes my husband.  If I have children.  If I figure my stuff out, and by stuff, I mean the chaotic mess that is my life.


There it is, the biggest "if, not when."  If I figure it out. . . whatever it is.  It is my future.  I know what I want.  It's getting there; now behold the problem that has arisen, it's getting there, but get there I will, and fight I will to do so.


If, not when I get there.  No.  When, not if.  I will get there.  No "if's," "and's" or "but's" about it.  I do not want my life to be an "if, not when."


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