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I have a thought process as rigorous as the most treacherous mountains in the world. Long car rides are my preferred setting for sitting down to write. I was born a writer, but I will die an author.

Message to Readers

l believe that there is a place inside all of us that holds tight to our childhood memories and protects them as though they were gold or diamonds. Falling asleep in the car is a comforting memory to me of a good time during my childhood. Constructive criticism is always welcome, and let me know what your comfort from childhood is.

Falling Asleep in the Car

May 27, 2015



A poem about childhood innocence. . .


Do you remember those days

Those days, those days

When hour-long rides seemed like an eternity

And tired little faces

With their candy-stained mouths from the day's activities

Would find their eyes shutting out the world

Then waking up seconds later

And finding themselves home again

I remember

I remember what it was like

To be worn and tired from the day

Oh, how I wish

Wish to relive those times

Those times was life was to be lived carefree

And life was simple, easy

Sometimes I find myself drifting

Back to those days

Those memories

I find myself

Falling asleep in the car


This is a poem I wrote when I was thinking about a trip to Disneyland my family took when I was a kid.  I remember sitting in the farthest backseat of our SUV, watching a DVD on the small TV screen we had installed in the car.  It was late, and I fell asleep.  The next thing I knew, I was waking up and my dad was picking me up from my seat and carrying me into the house.


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